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State of the Music Biz: U2

LONDON - England - Music is now deemed as pretty much worthless, as established Irish band U2 have recently revealed with an album giveaway.

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The only way to make money in the Biz today is to be an established iconic artist from the pre-internet era and tour. The cost of touring is astronomical, however if the band is iconic enough, they will fill bums on seats.

Bands like the Rolling Stones, who are above the Beatles in stature and longevity are the highest level there is currently, however when the ol’ chap at the crossroads comes for them, the contract is up. The Stones are a dying breed, and will never be seen again in the music business.

There’s no need to quote Hunter S. Thompson to realise that not only is the music business a terrible place, it is getting worse and worse as time goes by.

Long gone are the days of real artists, instead there is only background noise, no meat and potatoes. Profit has dried up completely as music is now a free product downloaded at any time and used as snippets for some banal gadget show on telly, or for a cookery show.

With vile banal reality circuses like X Factor, created by talentless arse holes like Simon Cowell, there is no music left, and besides how can you judge talent if the judges have no talent whatsoever or any sense of artistry or musicality? These shows are simply there to exploit vulnerable teenagers so that TV audiences can laugh and ridicule their bid for ‘stardom’. Cowell is a shameless evil wart on the arse of what used to be the music business, his blatant camp outrage and exploitative behaviour has made him rich off the backs of others’ misery.

Feed people enough excrement and eventually that’s all they know.

The music business is simply the victim of value, quantity and supply. If something has infinite supply in large quantities, it’s pretty much worthless. Yes, you can sell grass, sand or pebbles, but you’re not going to get much for it. Even established bands like U2 are seeing this now.

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