DALL-E 2 – When AI Creates Realistic Images the User Describes in Words

SILICON VALLEY - USA - DALL-E 2 is the latest AI creation from OpenAI. This amazing AI can create a realistic image from a user's words.

Imagine describing a scene to an AI piece of software, and in a few seconds it renders exactly what you were thinking about. Well, that dream is now a reality, thanks to the amazing programmers behind DALL-E 2.


It uses a 12-billion parameter version of the GPT-3 Transformer model to interpret natural language inputs (such as “four oranges shaped like bananas on top of a pyramid made out of candy floss” or “an isometric view of a zebra wearing a three-piece suit”) and generate corresponding images. It can create images of realistic objects (“a stained-glass window with an image of a purple orangutang eating an ice cream”) as well as objects that do not exist in reality (“a cube with the texture of a hedgehog”). Its name is a portmanteau of WALL-E and Salvador DalĂ­.

You too can try out this amazing piece of AI engineering from OpenAI, but beware, the waiting list is absolutely huge. The possibilities for DALL-E are infinite, and one can imagine a future where many artists, art directors, visualisers and creative directors will be out of jobs. Executives will simply describe what they want…et voilĂ .

The quality of the images as well as the speed of rendering, including shadows/reflections, is outstanding. The DALL-E AI also interprets the words of the user, however obscure they may be from its almost infinite neural network.

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