Obaminoid Aliens From Outer Space Could Invade Earth at Any Time Say Experts

MONTANA - USA - Space experts working at the Montana State University Space Lab have made an ominous warning to Mankind.

“We have reason to believe that there are Obaminoid aliens out there waiting to invade earth. Our analysis is that these creatures come from a planet 30 million light years from earth. They are highly advanced humanoid organisms and even have the ability to shape shift,” Professor of Molecular Astro-Physics, Jeb Bullworth, told the Space Science Journal.

The scary findings could develop into a major threat to Mankind some time in the future.

“Well, they could be here already. We know they shape shift. If this is the case they could cause enormous amounts of damage to our infrastructure without us even realising who’s doing it. Like what if one of these creatures somehow became president of the United States and started causing all sorts of mischief,” the professor added.

According to the lab’s research which has been ongoing for the last four years, the Obaminoids don’t like civilian humans to be armed, and they also don’t like humans to be free. They utilise a system of complete control and want to enslave humanity so they can carry out their sordid deeds.

“We’ve analysed data from many sources and are now 110% sure Obaminoids exist. It’s just a question of proving it to the science community now with more reports and presentations with factual scientifically gleaned evidence,” the professor surmised.

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