Monkeys Actually Study Scientists Say Scientists

LEEDS - England - A research centre studying primate behaviour has come to the conclusion that some monkeys are conducting experiments on the scientists who are meant to be studying them.

“We’ve got one fella, his name is Dimples. He came up to me the other day and looked me up and down. I actually got angry and got my clipboard and told him I was the one doing the studying here. He grabbed my clipboard, looked it over then ticked a few boxes himself,” Dr. Werner Harsog, told Science Today magazine.

Some scientists feel very intimidated by the behaviour and have formed a group Scientists Against Monkey Stares (SAMS) which now has a huge following of over 2,000 scientists worldwide.

“The monkeys come up to you and prod you as if they’re testing your reaction. I even had one open my mouth and check my teeth the cheeky bugger,” another scientist revealed.