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World Entering New Post Antibiotic Dawn

LONDON - England - David Attenborough's warning about the human locust-like plague infesting the earth was naturally met with derision by many, but there is truth in his message.

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to live in a pre-19th century world you may be unpleasantly surprised soon enough because it seems that antibiotics are being made redundant as worldwide diseases catch up to them and increase their immunity.

Unfortunately for the humans, it is their overuse of antibiotics with factory farming and medicine that has proliferated this shift in immunity.

The post-antibiotic age will be one where the simplest of operations turn deadly. If one is infected by a drug resistant bacteria or disease, there is nothing medical science can do for you unless they find new versions of antibiotics, which take many years to develop.

The human plague has spread across the earth and shown scant regard for the environment, pumping poisons into the air and ground, mining the resources, and killing the natural vegetation and animals.

Human society is one of mechanisation, of technique to reduce the work load of the lazy, talking, carbon life form.

“We build concrete jungles over the original green ones, we bulldoze over everything then people start talking about how they want to save the environment. Bullsh*t, these same people who are now talking about carbon credits are the ones who built the factories and they’re the ones who started the wars, and they’re the ones who started the system of money in the first f*cking place. They’re telling you that they used you to work in their factories and tear up the earth until they got to a certain technological stage but now you, as a consumerist worker, are not needed any more. You are polluting the environment simply by existing,” a man from a concrete jungle somewhere revealed.

Nature always finds a way of dealing with imbalances, and unfortunately for the earth, it is in dire straits at the moment.

Sooner or later all of the bureaucracy, the files, the papers, the regulations and laws created by the humans will be as useless as the antibiotics. The drug resistant cases of Gonorrhoea or Syphilis, or whatever bacteria or virus, however will not be as kind to us as our host earth has been.

The post consumerist age is being introduced covertly by the one world government, and the human population is in grave danger because they will never know if the virus that may very well be unleashed is modified by the controlling hierarchy or created by nature itself.

 What will be borne from the corpses of the previous human infestation will be a much cleaner efficient scientific technological system, with a very limited and select population.

Prince Charles is certainly worried about the runaway population and he would like it reduced by at least 80-90% as do most of the hierarchy. By promoting abortions, contraception and sterilization, there may be inroads in reducing the populations, as well as reducing the quality of human food of its nutritional value and adding certain chemicals into everything like Bisphenol A, aspartame, fluoride, to reduce fertility or cause cancer. The elite have declared open warfare on the general population yet they do not even realise it, as the mobile phone masts, wifi waves and mercury light bulbs seep their poison into the bodies of the tax cash cows. Over generations, fertility will drop to lower levels making it hard for any breeding amongst the general populace. Of course, the only ones who will be allowed to breed will be the priviliged elite, or select few who control the eugenics programs.

Humans have been here for a millisecond in earth’s history and their legacy is one of disregard, torture, destruction and ultimately evil, that is unless something is done soon enough.

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