Tech Experts: Internet 2.0 Transition Beginning Soon

THE NOOSPHERE - Government approved, control of every facet of the internet, an internet where all info will be gradually controlled and changed to fit a specific agenda.

You will slowly notice that information that used to be accessible before will be either reduced or removed. The smart grid is changing, and now Google will be supreme master of everything without any competition ever again. Sanctioned by the government, information will slowly disappear without trace. Anything that is not sanctioned or created by government will disappear, never to be seen ever again. Anything that is not created by government will be deemed as fake and erased.

History, now all digital, will be easily changed, easily deleted if not useful to the agenda. You won’t notice it at first, but soon you may search for something and come up with something completely different to what you used to know was real, but in the future, you will not have any reference point any more unless you have the original books, just the answer they serve up to you. Snow is black they will say, and without any reference or detail, the future brainwashed individual will believe it without question.

The Smart Grid, the Internet of Everything will listen to your every conversation, tracks your every move, checks your every motive, and predicts your next move.

Once the cashless grid is brought into fruition, the shutting down of complete human freedom will be possible. It will happen globally in one go, and you will not have a chance to survive or live without the cashless system.

Elements like Twitter and Facebook are already changing the way human’s think. Human mind processes and linguistics are being simplified, adapted into machine speak, and human behaviour is adapting to the creations these masters over you have created. You are part of the digital mind prison, an echo chamber where you are now completely at their control. To be without Twitter or Facebook now to you is impossible, and it is this thought that means you are now a controlled digital slave, a corporate digital monkey not worthy of being called human any more.

From the digital prison, the Hive Mind is born, and you can already see this in social networks like Twitter and Facebook, where news travels through the hive in concert to its deliverance by the controllers who released whatever it is into the grid. The controllers watch and see how the hive reacts to certain types of information in concert, this way they can be alerted of any danger to their person in real-time, and in predictive-mode.

You will no longer act as an individual, you will no longer have control over your own thoughts, and you will be asleep without noticing as news that is tailored for you is fed to you on a daily basis. The Internet of Things will listen to your every private conversation, your every private action will be logged, and the AI systems in place will monitor and react to your every thought.

Your eventual chipping and full integration into the Matrix Grid will be seemless, and painless because you have been honed, trained and conditioned to accept the grid without question already. There will be little or no resistance as you accept the chip into your brain matter which will fuse into each dendrite.