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Will 2018 Be the Year You Stick to Your Healthy Resolution?

LONDON - England - It’s the time of year when many people realise that their previous New Year’s resolutions faded into nothingness before the Christmas decorations had even been taken down.

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And as you overindulge over the holidays this time out, you’re probably telling yourself that as soon as January hits you’ll get healthy. We’ve all been there.

Those grand plans of exercising every day and eating healthy food tend to start off so well. Some people even contemplate attempting “Dry January.”

But by the time February hits, the takeaway menus are back out and the gym membership has been swept under a carpet somewhere.

So how can you make a real go of the fitness and dieting in 2018? Check out this guide for some easy tips.

Start Getting Creative in the Kitchen

Healthy eating and enjoyable eating aren’t often thought about in the same sentence.

Or at least that’s the case for people who haven’t managed to step onto and keep hold of the fitness ladder for more than a few months.

Those who do live a healthy lifestyle and eat the right foods day in, day out, will tell you that these dishes have become their comfort foods and they get real pleasure from eating them.

In 2018, there’s no need to say goodbye to the comfort foods that you loved in 2017. According to Deliveroo’s list of popular foods for the soul, American classics like burgers and fries are the most comforting.

These aren’t ideal for your new regime, but there are ways of still enjoying them by using fresh and lean ingredients. You could easily make these foods at home.

For the burgers, grind up some meat with a minimal fat content and season it to your liking before shaping it into patties and grilling it.

Top with fresh lettuce, tomatoes, and goats’ cheese for a healthy burger. When making the fries, chop up some sweet potatoes and cook them in olive oil.

There you have it; some junk food classics revamped for your new way of life.

Get Some Fitness Equipment at Home


Many people fork out on gym memberships in January and, when the motivation diminishes a few months later, they fail to get their money’s worth.

For some, just biting the bullet and going to the gym on a daily basis is the major stumbling block, and if they were there they would find it easy to get into the zone.

So how about bringing the gym to you? The price that some fitness centres charge these days is a small fortune, so using that money to buy fitness equipment for your own home could be a logical alternative.

Seeing the treadmill or rowing machine will remind you to work out, and you could even do it while watching your favourite shows on TV.

Another added bonus is the fact that you won’t have to share the space with all the self-obsessed selfie-takers usually found in gyms.

Getting into shape this New Year will take some motivation, but if you get into good habits at home then it will be easier to maintain.

And also, if you fork out money on gym equipment you don’t want it to end up gathering dust.

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