Is It Safe To Buy Injections From Clinic Without Consulting A Doctor? 

TEXAS - USA - You must always consult a doctor and clinic before buying hormone replacement injections. Safety first.

Hormones are chemicals produced by the body. They are very small, however powerful, and lack or excess of them can cost one health.

Hormones directly influence the majority of organs and tissues, physical and chemical processes, even state of mind and emotions. For example, the most powerful hormones in the human body are:

  • Adrenaline;
  • Testosterone,
  • Human Growth Hormone;
  • Estrogen;
  • Insulin;
  • Cortisol.

When these or other hormones are disbalanced, hormone replacement therapy is one of the treatment options. Hormones can be provided in pills, injections, patches, etc.

While some people believe that having a diagnosis and knowing what hormone is lacking or in excess is enough to go an buy a medicine on their own, this is totally incorrect.

To provide proper treatment, years of experience and profound knowledge in medical field are needed.

So, to buy proper pills, patches or injections, go to and consult a doctor first. it may even turn out that what you believe is endocrine system problem is actually not, and additional intake of hormones will ruin your health even more.

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Why You Can’t Get Injection Of Your Own Choice 

In order to attract clients, pharmaceutical companies started to produce different injections that aim to increase the level of certain hormone in the body. The patients who need injections can theoretically buy those and do injections at home, without need to visit the clinic. However, these injections are and should be sold only after proper research, analysis and calculation of dosage.

Here are some reasons why you should not get injections without doctor’s prescription:

  • To decide what injection is correct, the doctor has to make a full medical screening. In order to improve the level of hormone in the body, any injection dosage is not the option.
  • The processes can only be changed in a needed way if the components of injection correspond to particular body needs.
  • You can’t calculate the dosage yourself. General prescriptions are not enough. Each patient’s endocrine profile is different. You have to consult the doctor if you want to get the medicine that will really help you.
  • The efficiency and influence of hormones should be constantly supervised and the indications should be measured, to check the progress and adjust the treatment plan if needed. The dosage may need to be changed already in two weeks, or another medication should be offered. Without proper education and experience, a patient cannot conduct such observation.

These reasons show that you can only get the injections by doctor’s prescription. Otherwise, you will simply ruin your health.



What Doctor To Address

Not all endocrinologists who work in clinics are able to prescribe the right hormone treatment, in other words, only being a doctor in a clinic is not enough. A professional doctor has to have years of practice in the field, having worked specifically as endocrinologist.

The doctor also has to have appropriate certification from relevant authorities confirming him as a specialist. medical diploma is not yet an indicator of proper knowledge and skills. It is always a good idea to ask your friends about contacts of a good doctor; the word of mouth is a good recommendation in this case. If the doctor or clinic is awful, people will readily tell you so.

The treatment methods, medications and approaches also develop constantly. The scientists discover new options, and modern doctors have to be posted about the innovations.

Pharmaceutical companies develop new products that have to be checked, tested, certified, assessed, modified, and doctors take part in all that, too. Therefore, the doctor has to be really experienced to provide proper diagnosis, treatment plan and patient support. Choose your doctor and clinic wisely.