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Is the iPhone X Worth the Money?

CUPERTINO - USA - Expected to retail at a pound short of £1,000, is the rather hefty price tag for the iPhone X – pronounced iPhone 10 – worth it?

Introduced at Apple’s September 2017 event, this iPhone X was added to the iPhone 8 and 8+ with the ‘one more thing…’ tagline. It is, according to Apple, the biggest technological leap forward since the iPhone first appeared a decade ago.

The Body

It fits comfortably in the hand, its dimension a pleasant 143.6mm tall by a width of 70.9mm, its depth a very slim 7.7mm. It’s a fraction bigger than the iPhone 8 but doesn’t quite reach the dimensions of the iPhone 8+.

But its glass body really is something else. Water and dust resistant, the iPhone X supports wireless charging for the first time, meaning no tangle of wires.

No Home Button

Its edge to edge design means no home button and this means a new user experience which translates into the user being frustrated in the first few days and weeks as they change habits that have been with them for years.

A swipe at the bottom of the screen brings the home screen, whilst a swipe-and-hold brings up the app switcher.

There is a side button to activate Siri if you use this system because who knows who’s listening in?

The Screen

Apple’s aim was simple, yet complex: create a phone that’s is all about display. The super-retina display with its 5.8inch front screen will, no doubt, be welcomed by many users, but especially gamers. The true-to-life colours and the million to one contrast ratio will make online gaming at sites such as Casinomir more immersive than ever.

The screen melts into the stainless band on the durable, all glass body and is available in two finishes: a sleek and chic space grey or a stylish silver. So, the screen technology is worth it, but what about the rest of it?

Face Recognition

Just as most of us are getting to grips with fingerprint recognition along comes the iPhone X and switches it up a gear. Forget the unique pattern on the fingertip – there is no room for the reader – but the all-glass front has super-duper technology that recognises your face.

For those of us worried about security, no one can unlock your phone by wafting a photo of you across its front. The ‘Face Id’ tech is “attention aware”; it only unlocks the phone when you look at it (or does it?).

Performance and Battery

The performance cores are 25% faster, with high-efficiency cores a staggering 70% than anything Apple has used in the phones previously. And for those of us constantly scrolling and surfing on our phones, the iPhone X offers an improved battery performance with two hours extra scrolling time that the iPhone 7.

Worth the Cash?

There are a load more features to the iPhone 10 including a fantastic camera and Animojis to needlessly fill our day. There is no doubt that this handset is a gigantic leap, although the jury is out on how far forward it takes us.

If you have the cash and love the tech, go for it. For the rest of us, hang fire… and let’s see who comes up with something similar for a fraction of the price.

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