If you became bored of your current kitchen layout, you’ve probably thought about changing things up a little. It’s normal to do some renovation work here and there to freshen things up, and it can positively impact your psyche to be surrounded by a new design. There can be one major drawback, though: renovation costs. You’ve probably heard from friends who redecorated in the past that it cost them an arm and a leg to give their kitchen a new look. And while the results can be impressive, you may still be reasonably reluctant to break the bank on a new kitchen. If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to learn that you don’t have to fret about that. With a few simple tips, you can give your kitchen that much-desired makeover on a budget.

Choose prefabricated

Custom cabinets will fit perfectly in your kitchen. When you opt for a custom-made design, you get all the features you need. This complete personalisation means getting your dreams’ style and storage space. However, it also usually means that you have to pay much more. A customised kitchen can become very expensive, so it’s not the best plan if you want to save money. However, don’t think that this means settling on lacklustre, boring designs.

There are so many prefabricated options nowadays that you have a lot of variety to choose from, and you’re guaranteed to find something that fits both your tastes and your kitchen. You may have to look around for a little before settling on something, but that’s all part of the refurbishment experience. Shopping for the perfect unit, and choosing the style and colour you envisioned in your space, will only heighten your enthusiasm for seeing the results. It’s also essential that you don’t compromise on quality when choosing a product, which brings us to our next point.

Pick the right wood species

KITCHEN WOOD If you’re not knowledgeable about the know-how of furniture, you probably aren’t aware that there are different price points for different wood species. The high-end species include sandalwood, agarwood and the luxurious African blackwood. The affordable types at the other end of the spectrum include maple, poplar, alder, beech, and oak.

Choosing cheap kitchen units doesn’t mean you have to trade off on quality, and you can definitely get the best of both worlds. Solid wood is an accessible option, and you can even pick the painted variety to give it an extra fun factor. When you choose a trustworthy seller, you are sure to get a piece that’s both resilient and aesthetically pleasing. They are focused on their craftsmanship and will bring you the highest quality at an inexpensive price.

Get open shelving

OPEN SHELVINGOpen shelving is great. It makes for a design that feels airy, fresh and spacious, it brings added convenience as you no longer have to rummage through drawers to locate a particular utensil, and it also makes your kitchen look stylish. They are also great if you’ve been trying to keep your space neat and tidy. With everything on display, you’ll have an incentive to work harder to keep things clean. But perhaps the most significant advantage of open shelving is its budget-friendliness. The products themselves, as well as their installation costs, are generally cheaper.

Select the door styles

KITCHEN DOORDeciding on a style to choose for your doors can be incredibly challenging. There are many design options to have your pick from, such as the shaker, the inset, beadboard or thermofoil. If you want to save up your cash, you should choose cabinet faces with a more minimalistic style. Excessive decoration will raise the prices and may feel out of place or too flowery in your kitchen. You should pick flat slab or shaker-style cabinet faces if you want to stay within budget. They provide both utilitarian functions, are easy to clean, and their simple design means that they’ll never go out of style. Moreover, they’re likely to fit with items you already have in your kitchen and don’t want to remove, so the styling doesn’t clash.

When you decide on a design, examine how it fits the space in your kitchen. If it gives the optical impression that your kitchen is larger than it actually is, go for it. The colour scheme is essential as well. The colours that make a room look sizable are lighter shades of blue, green, grey and lavender. If you’re feeling particularly daring, you can go for ecru or even crisp white. Just keep in mind that they can be more demanding when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. The tiniest stain or scratch will show on them and throw off the entire look.

Avoid customisations

One of the easiest ways to make sure there are no additional costs to your kitchen is to avoid over-customising your pieces. It can be appealing to add something extra to the ready-made pieces you bought. But bringing new features means paying more. And you’re trying to avoid that. You should keep away from glass doors, matching end panels or crown moulding. It’ll give the whole ensemble a posher look, but for a price.

If you believe that customisations are something you definitely need, consider starting a DIY project. Painting kitchen cupboards is a relatively easy thing to do, and you don’t require the skills of an expert cabinetmaker. You can choose a distinctive colour scheme, like Benjamin Moore Lampblack for a touch of historic elegance, or a two-toned ensemble like dark brown and beige. Adding brass fixtures to the cabinets is another way to breathe new life into them. Once considered frumpy and passé, these attachments are now back in style, especially when added to a monochromatic ensemble.

When it comes to choosing a new kitchen, you’re likely to feel swamped by the range of options to choose from. But it’s not all that difficult. There are a few essential things to keep in mind when getting new cabinets, but there’s no need to worry. Once you’ve decided on a budget and an overall style, you’re only one step away from creating the kitchen you’ve always envisioned.