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Is Crypto Really Crypto?

LONDON - England - You may have had the misconception that crypto stood for freedom from the establishment. You were wrong.

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You may have naively thought that crypto was the saviour of freedom; a break from the bankers, the regulators, the institutions of control, the people that hold you down with a big boot in your face. Wrong! Crypto isn’t what people promised it to be simply because if the S&P index crashes cryptocurrency follows. Where’s the freedom in that? Instead of crashing along with the institutions crypto should rise, not fucking follow the S&P and NASDAQ all the way to zero.

Crypto was hyped up to be digital gold, instead it’s a piece of lead. Bitcoin should be completely free from manipulation by governments, by any institution that tries to meddle with its price. Instead, recently we have seen Bitcoin attacked by the Biden administration and the price dropped drastically. This is not an independent coin free from manipulation, it is despised by the authorities and attacked on a daily basis.

Satoshi, wherever you are or whoever you are, is this the dream you had of a completely independent financial instrument? Please come out of your Sushi bar and fucking do something about our freedom. We want Bitcoin and all the other cryptocoins to be free from all government, free from all institutions and free from all established markets.

Fuck the mainstream. Build a goddamn firewall as high as the moon around cryptocoins so they can be pure, free and outside of the failing establishment markets.

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