Aspartame Drip Can Reduce Sugar Cravings

TEXAS - USA - Health researchers at the Donald Rumsfeld Drug Research Institute have come up with a solution to the growing obesity problem in America.

“Everyone who has a constant aspartame drip administering high dosage levels at all times will not have any problems with sugar cravings,” Doctor Arnold Kovalic, told NBC news about the new program.

According th the medical journal in which the new treatment was published, the aspartame drips will be portable and able to be transported with the patient wherever they go.

“As long as you don’t take it down a water slide you should be OK but there are some people who could not handle going down a water slide without craving a bucketful of glazed donuts,” Dr Kovalic added.

The Department of Health has already put in an order for millions of the drips and soon America could be overflowing with people walking around dragging a drip.

“You ever seen Day of the Walking Dead? That’s what it will be like. You got these fat obese people ambling around with vacant looks in their eyes, a drip in one arm and a  cell phone in the other clicking away. This is modern America folks, get used to it,” a critic of the aspartame treatment told Reuters news agency.

Currently low doses of aspartame used in most foods in America are a major cause of cancer.

  • David N. Andrews MEd, CPSE

    John there is probably the H. J. Roberts whose work Dr. Garst has thrashed exceedingly well where-ever he’s seen it rear its ugly head.

    I notice that John has a weird issue going on: “Hey folks I just did a search for John E. Garst, Ph.D on google and his
    name comes up on every article for Aspartame. Put the dots together
    obviously this guy is working for the aspartame industry.”

    What dots would they be John? Dots only you can see?

  • John

    Hey folks I just did a search for John E. Garst, Ph.D on google and his name comes up on every article for Aspartame. Put the dots together obviously this guy is working for the aspartame industry.

    I advise anyone who is interested to do your own research and not listen to a government shill like the moron above.

    Here is some good information on Aspartame:

    Aspartame is old news now but it is killing people every day. There are alternatives so you do not have to poison yourself or your children.

    John Roberts

  • John E. Garst, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Nutrition)

    There are NO acceptable, reproducible scientific papers suggesting any problem with aspartame from the hundreds performed by regulatory agencies worldwide. Here are the facts missing from this post. Only methanol amongst aspartame degradation products presents any risk to people—phenylalanine and aspartate are found in greater concentrations in normal foods, like milk and meat. But risk is dose dependent and the risk from the amount of methanol produced from aspartame degradation is also non-existent. Moreover, just like the methanol found in fruit juice, that released from aspartame is a vital nutrient. Why? Methanol is oxidized to formaldehyde and formate–both are chemically directly converted by the (tetrahydro)folate vitamin system into very valuable methyl groups. These methyl groups detoxify the truely excitotoxic homocysteine, protect DNA from strand breakage (by converting break fostering uracil into methyluracil (thymine)), and when systematically methylated, methylated DNA acts to prevent errant DNA duplication. For more on its cycle see the figure at the top of p 3000 here,

    Formate and formaldehyde are [quoting another] “produced in the body during the endogenous demethylation of many compounds, including many foods and drugs. For example, the demethylation of the caffeine found in one cup of coffee produces 30 mg of formaldehyde (Imbus, 1988). Formaldehyde is essential in one-carbon pool intermediary metabolism. The metabolite of formaldehyde, formic acid, is a substrate for purine nucleotide synthesis (Sheehan and Tully, 1983). It can be calculated that more than 50,000 mg [that's 50 g] of formaldehyde is produced and metabolized in an adult human body daily and that an adult human liver will metabolize 22 mg of formaldehyde per minute (Clary and Sullivan, 1999). Consequently, it is quite clear that the formaldehyde from aspartame provides a trivial contribution to total formaldehyde exposure and metabolism in the body” (p 18 in and refs from

    Do the facts in the preceding paragraph not make clear that any encountered problem arises not from the aspartame, methanol, formaldehyde or even formate, but from personal metabolism issues in detoxifying these otherwise critical precursors to valuable methyl groups? These issues with folate (and the related B12 or homocysteine) are potentially numerous. A large part of the population is simply deficient in one or both vitamins. Then forty percent of some populations have folate polymorphisms, see

    All adverse side effects ever claimed from aspartame are really due to these personal folate-related issues, not to this sweetener. And that likely includes migraines (see, recent claims that autism is connected to aspartame (see, or whatever disease of the day people want to associate with this sweetener. All such diseases or problems have a direct connection to folate or B12 issues or to high blood homocysteine, which is impacted by sufficient folate.

    And that brings my real point: in people with these personal vitamin issues, these adverse risks exist whether one uses aspartame or not. Widespread overindulgence in ethanol (acetaldehyde is an inhibitor of the folate reactions) only exacerbates these risks, just as it exacerbates breast and other cancers and contributes to fetal alcohol syndrome. (And FYI, I have never received one penny from anyone associated with aspartame.)

    John E. Garst, Ph.D. (Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology, and Nutrition)

  • Kelley

    Just one word – yikes. YIKES.