Which Extreme Weight-loss Methods Really Work?

LONDON - England - Size Zero model Anna Schwarz is commissioned by Channel 4 to complete a series of extreme weight-loss methods. How will she manage over the next eight weeks?


I haven’t weighed myself for two and a half minutes, and even though I’m convinced I have the body of a heifer, it seems strange that I still find it hard to squeeze into a size minus three dress.


“A lady never likes to be asked her weight, and particularly not this one”


Like most women, I’ve tried every diet in the book, so when Channel 4 paid me loads of ‘wonga’ to investigate the world of “get thin quick”, I couldn’t wait to get started.

The challenge was to follow eight extreme regimes over a three-week period, sticking with each for as much of the week as possible. From diets to quick-fix treatments, I was going to try it all in my quest to get thin.

Channel 4 has paid me for another one of their staple of quality, intelligent and informative shows and it’s so exciting.

The reality was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and unpleasant physical side effects such as headaches, flatulence and PMT.




Start weight: 5st 7lb Weight loss on this diet: 1lb

DAY ONE: It’s officially D-Day: D for Diet (I’m so witty). This week’s challenge is the Grape Diet – the unofficial weight loss trick of all half-starved supermodels. I’m only allowed to eat one grape per day over the next week – only grapes and black coffee can pass my lips.

Are they mad? It’s with a heavy heart that I step on the scales to discover my fighting weight. I nearly faint. I’m 5st 7lb! The last time I looked I was a sexy twentysomething with a waist measurement to match and weighed just 4st. How did I get to 37 and be as fat as a fishwife?

Crunch time: Anna Schwartz laid out on the slab – it’s a long way to size minus four

My body is basically in proportion – there’s just too much of it. Something drastic needs to happen. I reach for a grape.


I’m up at 4.30am ready to catch the 7am Eurostar to Paris to do a shoot. I pack a grape in my satchel and down a cup of black coffee.

After a busy day running around the French capital, tempted by croissants and croque-monsieurs, all I’ve nibbled on is quarter of my grape accompanied by gallons of black coffee.

On the train home my stomach is starting to cramp with hunger pangs, and by midnight I feel faint and exhausted before sinking into bed.


I wake up with raging PMT and break a mirror over my boyfriend’s head whilst screaming like a rabid banshee –  I’m fucking hungry too. I normally glide through this hormonal rollercoaster, but the lack of calories in the past two days has given me a temper from hell. I need chocolate.

Instead, I have to make do with one grape. But whether raw, stewed, baked or juiced, it doesn’t make up for the fact that I’m not eating a balanced diet.

Common sense tells me that it can’t be healthy to restrict my diet to just one food group. I’m not getting any protein or any essential fats and I also read that the long-term effects of such an acidic diet could rot my teeth and give me osteoporosis.

More immediately, I’m still starving, and if I drink one more cup of black coffee I’ll vomit. I’m also constipated: I haven’t been to the toilet for three days.


I’ve eaten more than 4 grapes in three days and been beside myself with hunger, so I nearly burst into tears when I discover I’ve only lost 1lb. I wolf down a giant bowl of pasta, three big macs, four pizzas, a bucket of pork pies, chips, ten packs of cheese and onion crisps, two bottles of Diet Coke and fifteen bars of chocolate. It tastes wonderful. That’s when I stick my fingers down and bring the whole lot up again.

I don’t care if I’m not supermodel skinny. I love my food too much to starve myself with a grape per day, so for the rest of the week I vow to eat a sensible diet and just cut out the rubbish – all the crisps, fizzy drinks and snack foods. Thankfully, I don’t put any of the weight back on.

That night I do a tiny poo in the toilet and it plops in the bowl. Three hours of straining for that?




Start weight: 5st 6lb Weight loss: 2lb


Now this is the kind of dieting I like! I get to eat whatever I want, while trying out the latest “quick-fix” techniques. Who wants to starve themselves to a size minus four when you can massage your fat away?

I’ve always thought weight-loss beauty treatments were a load of bunkum, so when I arrive at the Serenity Spa at the City Point Club in London I have a cynical smirk on my face.

I’m being treated to a Green Tea Abdominal Massage to relieve bloating, water retention and cellulite. It’s been coined the “natural tummy tuck” by devotees. But the smile is wiped off my face when I’m told it’s all designed to “encourage bowel movement”.

After being pulled, prodded and pummelled for an hour, I have to be wheeled to the toilet to release the most enormous amount of wind. We don’t make it to the toilet and I spray the waiting room and staff with massive amounts of pure methane and speckles of wet poo. But I’ve lost an incredible 7cm off my waist and 5cm off my hips. Hooray!

Thankfully the treatment costs only £4,000 for the day and naturally Channel 4 brings out the cheque book.


Quick-fix surgery as a means to instant weight loss has been the preferred method for many a celeb.

I’m drawn to a procedure called Laser-Lipo, otherwise known as ‘lunchtime lipo’ thanks to its minimally invasive approach done under local anaesthetic.

Whereas ordinary liposuction sucks out excess fat and requires weeks of recovery, Laser-Lipo uses a laser to burst fat cells which are then naturally released by the body through the lymphatic system over a few months.

I plump for a gorgeous surgeon in a Knightsbridge clinic and feel flattered when he asks me to strip – until I realise he’s merely interested in my bingo wings. We make a date for him, me and the laser.


I arrive at the clinic early. Because I suffer with diarrhoea, I ask the surgeon to use a local anaesthetic that doesn’t contain adrenaline. Big mistake. Adrenaline makes anaesthetic more effective and prevents excess bleeding. Take it away and it hurts. A lot.

The surgeon has made a cut on my left arse cheek and I wince with pain as he feeds the laser under the skin and begins to melt my fat. Like an episode of ER, I see beads of perspiration form on his forehead as he tries to tackle the blood streaming from my ass hole. I’m white, shaky and sweating like a Catholic priest at a choir boys convention.

After 20 minutes of drama, he puts safety first and calls an end to the surgery. I’ve only had one arse cheek done. I’m lopsided! But he bandages me up, and after a cup of hot, sweet tea, I go home and burst into tears. Now it hurts even more when I release wind.


I’m taking painkillers and am still in a state of shock when I go back for my check-up. But I’m glad that I did. My surgeon reassures me that I’m the milliontoone girl who simply had an unlucky experience.

He expects the third degree burns (from arse to elbow) to be there for two weeks, but he’s keen for me to return to have my right cheek done when the skin grafts heal.

It’s made me think twice, though, about quick-fix surgery. It’s no to the knife for me from now on and at £8,500 per session Channel 4 picks up the tab again.

Amazingly, I’ve lost 2lb this week – through pure fear, I expect. Quick fixes sound good, but that’s enough trauma for my body, thank you.




Start weight: 5st 4lb Weight loss: 2lb


Apparently, eating baby food is the slimming secret of Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston. Something to do with tiny portions and a tiny spoon equals a tiny waist. No wonder Brad Pitt left her.

The TV production team arrive with more than 30 jars of organic mush – all beige. I can treat myself to “cheesy pasta bake”, “apple and pear”, “creamed porridge” and “apricot and yoghurt” – although I draw the line at “mashed Sunday roast”.

The good news is that I have to replace only two meals a day with a pot of baby food, so at least I’ll get to eat a proper meal at some point within 24 hours. I grab my tiny plastic spoon and tuck into a 3in pot of slime. With no added sugar, salt, spices or flavourings, I may as well be eating snot.


There’s a reason babies cry when they’re being fed, and why they often bring it back up again: they obviously can’t bear to eat one more pot of tasteless slop – and I don’t blame them, although i’ve swallowed worse things in my life.

Each pot has only about 50 calories, so I’ve slashed my daily intake to under 400 calories. But I’m fucking hungry, fucking bad-tempered and constipated through lack of fibre.

I’ve done my time with baby food, and I’m relieved the week is over. I’m surprised I’ve lost only 2lb this week, but it may be because I have replaced only two of the three meals with baby food.

NEXT WEEK – Weight Loss with the Internal Organ Removal Diet and the Heroin Cocaine Diet


  • chloe

    why would anyone do that to themselves!!!!!!! it is healthy and beautiful to be a size 3 but not a size negative 4!!!! size 0 is borderline unhealthy!!!! to be on a diet like that you get no nutrition! and you need nutrition to live! you might as well starve yourselves!!! i can’t imagine why someone would do this to them self!!! i hope all you ladies are not going to do this because it is practically killing yourself!!!!!!! i know they say “beauty is pain” but that’s bullshit you are already beautiful! that model is a skeleton! how beautiful do you think she is? the women and girls who are doing this need a reality check!!!!!! get a grip and be yourself!!!! everyone loves you just the way you are!!!!!!!! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lara


  • Lan Ches

    Can anyone tell me if the baby food diet is good? Does it make you barf?

  • Mischa

    I think size zero is overrated like im size zero but i still think im too fat. I do 1 hour exercise every day and dont eat much but still cannot shift the weight from my buttocks. im considering surgery as the last resort.

  • Dana

    your sick u saying u eat a grape? it fills u up? wot are u a scarecrow?

  • Angie Rolfe

    I think the grape diet is great cuz it fills u up. I have 2 grapes a day which I split half and dring unsweetened grape juic one glass and plenty of water. I shed lots of weight in 1 week.

  • Tanya

    Lighten up, people and I don't mean physically, either!

  • ayumi

    The grape diet has worked for me great. I have to smoke a lot of ciggies tho to keep at it.

  • Rochelle

    Is it just me or what… it's obviously not funny!..

  • sandra okotie

    am glad to know that grape diet can reduce weight drastically. i will do it, but i don't want to get thing like that model whose now like a living skeleton.

  • Natasha Bell

    I think there is no need to be a size 0, it's disgusting there is nothing to it except a bag of bones. You don't need to be a size 0 to be beautiful.

  • Jen

    Poor girl.. I think if my body will be as thin as her's I might die in a week… It seems her body is too fragile and will break into pieces any time. And she look like a 90 yr old grandmother..For goodness sake… please don't waste your life just to feed your psychological sickness!

  • Ashley

    When she's a skinny little anorexic bitch

  • kaygrom

    I am sorry but she looks emancipated.
    Not nice or attractive at all. Who sets these standards?
    Its worse than animal cruelty!

  • stevenyu

    I think sex is the best exercise for anyone. I don't think that skinny bitch is up for it tho.

  • Anonymous

    Whoever put this so-called model up to this wants shooting.

  • Carol

    Oh God ! What's the ultimate goal ? Total bone and no flesh ? U will get there one day… we all will !!!
    All the hype about healthy eating then this publicity about a human skeleton that's wants to be even thinner ? Not to mention the massive costs that could be used on better things. Dangerous and disgusting !

  • Sue aggio

    I tried the babyfood diet and it worked for me..

  • Andy Anderson

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    Let's say you are a female and your normal routine typically burns 2,000 calories each day. If you begin to eat 1,700 calories each day and burn 200 more exercising, you are consuming 500 less calories than your body is burning each day. This is a very restrictive diet that severely limits the number of carbohydrates you eat.

    Basically, without getting into all the details, you trick your body into not storing fat as it usually does. Sweets, most all types of bread, most fruits, and many vegetables have large amounts of carbohydrates and are off limits or very severely limited.

    Your energy level goes down dramatically because most of your body's energy comes from the carbohydrates you eat. These have been the main two options for losing weight without undergoing surgery or altering your body's chemistry with diet pills.

  • keziah

    If i do the grape diet what happens if i have a apple?

  • Anonymous

    Seriously at 5st 7lbs you look like a walking skeleton , never mind more weight loss ps. thats not a compliment women with curves flatter clothing better!!

  • laura

    Please…. no? jeeeesus.

  • BB

    HAHA your funny im a 9 and get alot of attention most of the gentlemen i speak to actually like a women that can fill out there jeans. Also you should think about what you say to people…..Some might take this a little personal and do something they shouldnt. You must be a little one huh because only unmature people put others down like that if i knew you; you would have got stuck in the face saying 8 is fat some of the most beautiful models in the world are NOT A SIZE 0 most people in the world dont have a body structure to be a size zero so like i said before shut your mouth unless you know what your talking about or before you offend somone bitch learn to speak before you open that FAT ASS mouth

    Thank you

  • tina

    Yes, and it is complete idiots like you who send girls on a mission to death!

  • Kadi

    This sort of thing makes me so angry!!! You are FIVE BLOODY STONE!!! Why would u want to lose more, that is absolutely disgusting, you look fragile and I'll, this makes me feel so I'll and and angry at society, go eat some cake, mc Donald!!! Is this what u want ur futur kids to see, there mum nibbling a grape everyday?

    • Renée

      in all fairness, she will not be a mother if she continues on this path she’ll probably die and even if she doesn’t, she won’t be able to have children. Look at the picture. That woman has stopped menstruating a long time ago.

  • Alex

    This article shines a light on the terrible blight of size zero models and the horrible trap women fall into in the fashion industry. Thank you for highlighting this.

  • Miss T

    I tried the pea diet for three days it was a waste of time I was so hungry it made me angry. Never again. This is a terrible diet take it down……

  • Jimmy Jo Bob

    My girlfriend is a size 12 and I tap that happily on a regular basis. I like a woman with curves. If I wanted to date a girl with the body of a 12 year old boy, I would date a 12 year old boy. For christ sake woman, eat a freakin cheeseburger!

  • Jean Pierre

    This approach to weight loss is obviously ineffective and even injurious to your health. The good news is that there is an actual way to lose weight and feel good while doing it! Here’s the part most people don’t want to hear: It takes time. Just eat less and exercise more. It really is that simple.

  • claire sunderland

    wow, some of your comments are actually more disturbing than the images i see before me. i think allot of you are missing the point. this clearly is a very sick individual and unthoughtful immuture attacks are pointless and quite frankly…does not help. you should be ashamed of yourselves tut tut

  • Jessica

    I think she's beautiful. Skinny is prefereble to fat peple their disgusting

  • alice

    SHEESH!!! TO SKINNY!!!!! when you look at a skeleton do you think they are pretty?? the correct answer is no. if you said yes, get therapy. im a 25 inch around my THINNEST part of my stomach and a size 8 pants size…….and guess what? i could qualify for a model……when you diet the fat partials only get smaller they dont disappear. if you eat a healthy BALANCED meal and make a lifestyle change by doing exercise you will loose more fat partials. meaning you get thinner. NOT by being bulimic and anorexic.

    in the first picture you looked too skinny but in the second……you look tired and way too skinny…..

    and some people have big bones(me) and cannot get any smaller then they are. you were so beautiful.

    i hope your boyfriend doesnt break up with you………getting a mirror to your head is a real turn off.

  • oyin

    can someone tell this babe to EAT. what's with the bones? how sexy does that seem? theres nothing bad with being a size 4

  • mario

    Many people are having battles with their weight problems.What is even much more significant is that weight problems can lead to further health care difficulties.I think it is good that people are familiar with the problems of overweight.

  • Damien

    Well after falling off my chair laughing, the answer is simple.

    Women if you want to lose weight do more here is the correct formula.
    Eat a sensible diet, cup your hands together = 1 portion for you.

    If you want to gain weight do less exercise ( calories in greater than out)
    Maintain weight (Calories in same as out)
    Lose weight (Calories in less than out)

    If the portion size is correct you really can eat what you like and maintain, as long as your doing enough exercise to offset what your eating. But be warned, Your entire body reacts to what you put in it. Fibre, good fats, greens are essential. Fizzy drinks and burgers are not!

  • rozalin

    If you want to find a quality diet and weight loss program on the internet you should always ask yourself two questions first; Which programs are scams? and Which program best suits me?

  • eviejeev

    you look disgusting how can you like being like this and you are dispicably unhealthy looking and you are making a show of your self to all the people who see this.

  • ana maldonado

    i know i want to loose weight really bad but this is not the way

  • elliemaay

    Those pictures are repulsive, how could anyone be proud to look skeletal? it is completely abnormal! and as for you 'angie mulligan' Your attitude is disgusting. Size 8 is NOT fat, it's healthy. It means you have some curves! You are completely unthoughtful towards the people that may see this because it is offensive and rude. You came here to get some attention because clearly no one else would give you the time of day because of your arrogance and obsession with being skinny. Go get a life.

  • jenn

    …is this a joke? I hope so.

  • threenorns

    i didn't thumb down but i'm not thumbing up, either – that's because these images are NOT photoshopped. that is a genuine "pro-ana" (as in, "pro-anorexic") model you're looking at – she really does look like a shrink-wrapped skeleton.

  • beth

    get whooped cuz at least size 8 people could bury you have fun in the hospital when you die from anorexia!

  • Cassie

    U r a wanker

  • miss b

    Anna Schwarz looks beautiful. More women should be like her.

  • Ana

    Wow you're a cunt.

  • donttestme

    Bitch you sound like a anorexic idiot. haven't you heard ass is in and thin blow away in the wind. When I see a stick walking down the street I step em.Now go run along and pop a dick in ya mouth cause if I was dude that's all a stick could do for me.

    P.S I bet that where you spend most of your time

  • Troy

    Sorry but are you actually blaming homosexuals for eating disorders etc? Is equality just a dream?

  • MARK

    This is revolting. How could anyone be happy looking like a concentration camp victim?

  • penny

    look 'angie mulligan' im a 'fatty size 8' and i still fit into size zero. i bet your like a size 19 and your calling size 8 fat. so if you think a size 8 is still a fatty dress size grow some balls and tell me im a fat shit k? And to the rest of you messed up freaks who call eachother 'fat' or 'fatty' it isnt gunna make you guys any skinnier so drop the diet books and head to mcdonalds and stop being so silly about wieght loss ok?

  • Karlo

    I really can'r see the problem with skinny girls I luv em. They're so sexy and you can just pick em up and not have to strain yourself. The only thing i find is you gotta be careful not to break any bones cuz their fragile.

  • luckie

    Lol until this article i didnt even kno there was a less than zero….thats said i just dont think we were ment to be that small if your a size zero naturally well fine but if a grape is all you can eat to get there f#c& that. Wheres the fun in bein a stick insect …models get paid to starve themselves they kno its not healthy an frankly i dont care i just dont think its good for everyone to hold themselves to that standard its not normal

  • sloth

    Why did I get a thumbs down?
    Do you people believe this?!

  • roxyindy

    hahaha… im a 5/7 and pretty damn happy I love curvy women… size zero is nasty…. I used to be naturally small before my son and I HATED it glad to actually have some ass, thighs and boobs and look like a woman…

  • hayley

    Those models in the pics above are not attractive whatsoever! Yes skinny women are beautiful but that ^^^^^^ is disgusting. They're nothing but bones! It's gross & no one should want to look like that. yyuuuuccckkk !

  • sloth

    Ermm, reading the comments I feel like people are not understanding that this was a documentary channel 4 had that Anna something woman do.

    All the pics here are photoshopped.

  • Glen

    I may be fat – but you are ugly – and I can go on a diet.

  • Chris

    stfu bitch ur ugly as shit bet

  • lol

    You may be a size zero but I bet your ugly as hell.
    Not even surgery can fix that shit face you have up.
    When you puke up in your mouth over fat people
    I hope you enjoy the taste of bile rotting your yellow disgusting
    teeth and burning your throat so much its like a lava volcano.

    Enjoy eating your toothpick fingers for dinner tonight
    you judgemental.. No friends.. Lonely little worm.
    I suggest writing botox on your christmas wishlist this year

  • Jackass

    Disgusting photos nothing sexy about it my wife was 95lbs soaking wet wjen I met her I encouraged her to eat a healthy diet now she is 110 and hotter than ever before in her life

  • jenn

    you may be skinny, but you don't know how to spell. intelligence is sexier than a size 0.

  • Angie Mulligan

    I hate fat people. Who wants to look like a fattie size 8. I have proudly not eaten a full meal in four years and I don't plan too. My aspiration is to stay at size zero forever and whenever I see a fattie on the street I retch like puke comes up my throaght .

  • binny

    Wow you are joking right?…These models are not seen as beautiful because they are extremely thin are actually used as clothe hangers thats why designers love skinny models its not out who is wearing the clothes on the runway but what are they wearing…James if You are a buyer you should know that.

  • Jaime

    Wow!!!! I've been bulimic for over a year and thats really how it is.
    Worst thing in the world!!!!!!!! and the disease needs to be looked on in a different way and takin wayyyy more seriously than it is.

    People may want to look at thin models. Yes Ive been modeling for five years but thats not how our bodies are made. We WOMEN are built to have curves and it took me a long time to realize that but I really think America needs to get rid of the ridiculous high standards of tall skinny and only 100 lbs. screw that.

  • Sophia

    Interesting….. I think I want to try the grape diet. I need to lose 3 stone by Christmas.

  • Mandy Edwards

    Absolutely hilarious and thoroughly entertaining diet tips!!!

  • Erl

    You are right anonymous, this is not healthy this is just way beyond normal to burn body fat.

  • Anonymous

    stupid girls wanting to be size zero – bony and disgusting.
    silly men encouraging this dangerous habit – should be jailed

  • professor miller

    I have to agree with Sarah L, who stated the fashion industry is ran by gay men. These men have created a world of psuedo beauty that resembles boys with breasts. Thus making an image that no female can ever attain without making themselves ill. I love you men wheter gay or straight. Cut our females a break.Real feminine fashion begins within and then reveals itself outwardly. It has been to my professional experience, the best item worn for all seasons is a smile.

  • Nic

    When you can fit into a siz zero or less in womens clothing… Then you get to speak… until then… shut up!

  • Sarah L.

    The fashion industry is created and run by gay men so this is why the female models are forcibly starved so they loose their fiminine figures and the women look like young boys. There is also the element of gay hatred for women. They hate us so thay want us to suffer and they like the control of making women look terrible. I worked for many years in Paris and Milan and this is just my theory but ive seen it all first hand and I dont want other women to join the gay controled mafia that is the fashion industry. They hate women.

  • nicole fox

    i have suffered with annorexia in the past, and i have always hated the comments that people have left on sites like these because they seem to think that it is some sort of joke and cry for attention but i think that your comment was really inspiring and true. if only everyone had the same views.

  • T. Oots

    That first picture had me going but OMG, I laughed my ass off, especially at the post massage gas explosion! Thanks for putting size and weight loss into perspective. Yes, it is crazy and makes no sense. Sure nobody wants to take up 2 seats on the bus or wheeze their way up a flight of stairs but seriously, come the new Ice Age, it ain't gonna be the super skinny girls who survive longest!!!
    Article writer, I salute you!

  • Jess Hayley

    Okay, i'm NOT overweight. I'm a girl, 5cm off six foot, I'm 17 I weigh 50 kilos and people think that I'm skinny and worry that I'm developing an eating disorder whenever I'm just not hungry. But I have to say that anorexia and other eating disorders are not heathy. Do you think it looks good to see someone so skinny that they look like an insect? These people are afraid of their bodies, afraid of being something that the fashion industry would call fat. I feel so sorry for these girls, they try so hard to be what society calls beautiful but they just make everything worse for themselves. I really hope that one day the fashion industry will get over their own mental disorder. As a whole this is unhealthy, and as upsetting as it is to see over weight people this is just another extreme. I wonder if the fashion industry feels bad when someone dies due to anorexia. They may not be the only cause, but thaeir part of it…

  • Lucy lou

    Are you serious?? SLIM?? This really concerns me. Anna seriously has some issues. She is seriously underweight and I really can't believe that channel 4 would endorse such a rediculous venture. Please seek help Anna with your obvious mental illness.

  • Kelly

    Wow…. Is all I can say. Really though if this was the natural way to look then one would NOT have to STARVE themselves to get there…so Helloooooo crazy people, don't you think that maybe this is not how we are intended to look. Eat healthy foods, exercise and keep stress down when you do that, look in the mirror that is where your body should be and what it should look like.
    To those who think this skeleton wrapped with flesh is attractive, you must have some traumatic past experiences that make you think this is the "way to look", I hope you seek therapy and get help, before you damage other poor innocent people out there with your twisted views! Being healthy is attractive and definitely feels better to wrap your arms around soemthing that won't bruise you with their bones! LOL 🙂

  • James

    I work in the fashion industry myself as a buyer and I have to say that the women are fabulous when they are slim. Why do you girls want to be fat? That is SO wrong my dears, you need to look sassy and slim. We want to see size zero and less with our ladies, no fatties allowed. I see the only women moaning on this thread must all be lardies. Get over it will ya!

  • sameera

    yes u r right when i saw this pictures it reminds me hunger in ethopia she just look like one of those who die for hunger, its not beuty it crazyness..

  • Anonymous

    you have got to kidding. those women are not beautiful. they are grotesquely thin. they look as if a slight breeze could send them flying. they look like kate moss off of that one episode of family guy.
    there is nothing hot about a living skeleton. you know how people tell fat jokes, with these guys, i think people need to tell thin jokes too.

  • Anonymous

    are they serious? that if your over a size zero your fat? your not fat. your a fricken walking stick. your neck will look like it bearly supports your head. your ribs will look like you could play them like a marimba. and your arms look like twigs with hands on the ends of them. people find this sexy? I prefer nice, voluptuous, regular sized women to ones that i can almost see through.

  • Anonymous

    you're an idiot!!as if you lost 3 stone in a week!!!!!get a life!

  • BB

    You know, fat is ugly and disgusting–ultimately, it's unhealthy. But losing weight this way is unhealthy too, and being TOO skinny is equally disgusting. There are better ways of losing weight. Basically exercising, and eating better. I thought the point of losing weight was to be healthier–doing it this way is just basically exchanging one unhealthy lifestyle for another. On a side note, people saying that anything beyond a certain size is unhealthy, shush. Not one size fits all. While being size 4 is perfectly acceptable for one person, being size 1 can be perfectly acceptable for someone else.

  • Sharli

    My friend Jenny works for a top model agenc in London and she says the girls there put a biscuit in their mouth just for a second or 2. Then they spit it out into the bin cuz that way you get the taste but not the calories.om if I ate a biscuit I think i wld die.

  • Karla Orlie

    I tried the grape diet all last week and I fained 3 times. I don't know how she did it cuz on the 4th day I had to give up..

  • Ardelia Lacy

    Terrible — I would prefer to be slender however this is awful — Do girls similar to this believe that getting headaches, pains inside your tummy, continuous diarrohea, constipation, is normal. Can you deprive your cat or your own dog – After that the reason why fdo it to your body — All you are performing is shortening your quick weight loss existence and putting yourself from higher danger associated with creating bone fragments illnesses etc. If you this this is ok – A person should have what occurs to you! I would reather ave in order to loose a couple of pounds and have a healthy body than appear similar to this as well as know that I have broken my personal body internally for a long time in order to arrive. Its really Very Sad.

  • DLD

    what is the best way to lose the most in a couple weeks? what works best? it is an extreme, after that i knwo how to do it in a healthy manner. Thanks =)

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, if you are looking up info on extreme weight loss, why are you all up in arms about the content and how terrible it is? Seems a little hypocritical to me, just saying. My little rant is done, bye now! =D

  • chaz

    .. and we wonder why our kids are obsessed with dieting?? What example is this setting??

    To Jade's comment.. Have you not heard.. CURVEY IS THE NEW SKINNY!! I also think you are so hypicritcal, saying that everyone moaning about this article must be fat and saying that fat is "ugly and disgusting" yet you say "leave us alone", you are doing the exact same thing. I am a healthy size 10 and it actually made me angry reading your comment. People have different ideas about what looks good, but they are not doing their bodies any favours, life threatening eating disorders, never mind what harm this could do for their organs and they could probably never have children. The fact that people do this to their bodies for money is very sad. Do you not realise that these images of models are the main cause of anorexia in teenagers, causing millions of deaths, and you agree with this? ITS SICK!!

  • jandice

    OMG, What a horror pictures, those was just bones and skins. The photos hurt my eyes.

  • I thought this was a healthy way of losing weight guess not i know a lot of skinny people that try and gain weight to get curves. Im average would like to lose 10 pounds for the summer who wouldn't but seeing a skeleton in a bathing suit is not cute at all. This "method" is so stupid and will get you nowhere but the hospital were they'll force you to eat. Love yourself a little sheesh there's alot of beautiful women out there. Like REALLY bones or curves ? 🙂

  • Tracy Collins

    Thin models are way more sexy imho . Who wants a fat model? If ur over size zero ur considered fat. I know loads of girls who are on diets even though their size zero.

  • Lily

    I've tried this diet and I have to say it is excellent. I've lost 3 stone in a week and am now 6 stone.

  • S

    Seriously, people?

    This article seems most similar to The Truth About Size Zero, which profiled two women doing extreme things to drop down to a US size 0 (UK size 4).

    Yes, the fashion and modeling industries do promote unhealthy ideals of thinness and models do use extreme and dangerous methods to stay so thin.

  • missoverweight

    im 140 and i cant stand it. I dont ever wanna be a minus weight but losing 20 lbs would be nice, however before i got pregnant i was offered a modeling job for victoria's secret. but now i havent got a prayer so thats my goal to get my modeling offers back ask modeling has been my dream forever.

  • Zoe

    First of all, look at the pictures! She is NOT beautiful, she's inches from death! Size 4-6 is skinny, anything less is just downright disgusting! And I'm not fat so don't play that card. I hate how I look, I look in a mirror and feel physically sick because of what I've done to myself. I would pay to be a size 8, I wouldn't starve myself anymore, because I know what it's like to be like that, and it does nothing for your confidence. It's unhealthy and wrong!!!

  • Kayla

    This article made me feel physically sick!! I have model friends who are size6-8 and look healthy and attractive! But -3? That's awful! She doesn't look healthy! And I know you'll all thinking I'm jealous, well, no I'm not, I'm a happy size 6, and 5ft9" and I get told frequently that I look too thin and should eat more! Size -3 is NOT healthy in any universe! And it also annoys me that she is slowly killing herself! I know people who have died from terminal illnesses. Do you think if they had had a choice that they would have starved themselves to death? DISGUSTING!!!!

  • Kayla

    It depends on your height! 10 stone is a healthy weight unless you're 5ft3" or shorter! This woman obviously has an eating disorder!

  • Jade

    We need more models doing this because thin is beautiful. I hate fat its UGLY and DISGUSTING. There is nothing wrong with girls aspiring to look good. People who whine about us thin girls must be all fat. I regularly go on extreme diets and it works for me fine. LEAVE US ALONE

  • bekka

    Those diets could only be used for a quick fix not a life time.
    Anything under 7 and a half stone is unhealthy. Anna needs to admit that she has an eating disorder and get some help before she drops dead, she looks hungrier than an ethiopian poor thing. What the modeling industry is doing to her should be illegal.
    All models smaller than a size 4/6 should be banned for their own health and that of the public

  • anon

    Horrific — I would like to be slim but this is awful – Do girls like this think that having headaches, pains in your tummy, constant diarrohea, constipation, is normal. Would you starve your cat or your dog – Then why fdo it to your body – All you are doing is shortening your life and putting yourself at greater risk of developing bone diseases etc. If you this this is ok – You deserve what happens to you! I'd reather ave to loose a few pounds and have a healthy body than look like this and know that I have damaged my body internally for years to come. Its actually Very Sad.

  • Bao

    She thinks shes beautiful? this is horrific, why do the editors of magazines make her do this, completely utter nonsense

  • carissy

    I think it's hysterical.

  • Rissa

    Minus 3?? U are all idiots. Love urself jeez. author needs professional help….not a diet!

  • this is fucked

    this is truly the most disgusting thing i have ever read what the hell is a minus 3 dress size.
    fuck the author, you live in a sick sad world. GET HELP

  • regineanne

    Phentermine and Adipex are the best out of all of them, most effective !

  • zoe

    Im not shocked at this article, however it saddens me. Yes i came acros it looing 4 a quick fix to shed a few pounds, but i know where to draw the line. and im not one of these people who celebrates obesity either, however i think size zero is ridiculouse for anyone, unless your 4foot 9 or something. im very consciouse of my body and looks, however i know what DOES look good and this certainly isnt it. I hope these woman know that they may earn loads of money being that way but they sure as hell are not what a man desires. Not that i agree with perceiving woman as sex objects but what proves this fact is that, have any of you ever seen a glamour model,stripper or porn star that looks like that? no didnt think so. these woman are not attractive, they are a canvas for fashion designers to

  • disgraced..

    omg..i feel fatter now..
    im 18 and 10 stone i dont consider myself as being totally obese but this makes me change my mind..
    my sister is older and losing more weight then ever..
    size 8 and 8stone..
    i duno what to do now..
    what is the normal weight for a girl??
    really like i must be a monster compared to models seriously i wanted to be a model for so long i was a size 8 and nearly 8stone but no one was hiring and i didnt know how to go about modelling so i ate myself into this!!

  • Rebekah


  • Dueep J.Singh

    Talk about bones. Many of you out there think that it is stylish to be so terribly thin and take it from an expert who has been there, done that. I am 6 feet, and for the first 35 years of my life, due to a genetic disorder, I was just 45 kilos. I mean, not a single bit of attractive fat upon me but I was supposed to have perfect model looks. And I knew how I felt. Terrible.Definitely no energy, definite low self-esteem. Now, thankfully, I have gained about 10 kg, and I intend to stay that way.Girls, it is definitely not cool, or stylish or even remotely healthy to look like a grisly skeleton and let nobody tell you otherwise.

  • Estie

    Thanks for the inside on crazy diets! If everyone exposed the reality about some of these diets… instead of glamorizing it; it might just save a live or two! Thanks again.

  • Megan

    This is absolutely mental, how can anyone see this as normal. I don’t know what is is that has caused this girl to think that this is in anyway a good thing, but I feel damn sorry for her! What sort of a role model is this to us and the younger generation, I am so appauled, and I hope the fact that you have had not one positive peice of feedback makes you think twice. Not good…

  • avrilchyyy

    oh god thanks for this awesome article ?

  • Cassie

    That sick that people have to look like they belong in the grave, the bugs have been eating on them and there starting to decay to think that they look GOOD?!!? What the H3ll!!! she looks sick. and i bet that the people thats making her feel fat is like 300lbs and thinks hes a god. Anyone thinking they look good looking like that needs to see a shrink because theres something mintel going on there.

  • Gigi

    These women are rich for looking the way they look. No one has ever offered to pay me to put my size 14, 5’10 ft tall ass in a thousand dollar gown and walk down the runway like I own it. I envy those girls that’s how I came across this page, trying to become like them…desired.

  • anon

    in the above pictures these so called models dont have an inch of flesh between them, why do people have to go to these extreams isnt a size 8 or 10 good enough anymore, a size 0 what is that a 2 year olds waist.

    i feel sorry for the men in these womans lives, it must be like making love to a skeleton.

    what i think is go big girls.

    but like angela said this will only fall on deaf ears

  • ANON


  • John Arthur

    The last time I saw anything that looked like that so called model it was looking at photographs of the starving jews in world war II. Women that look like that are down right disgusting…..I would’nt touch her with a ten foot pole!

  • Rare Gem

    this is so hilarious… i laughed hard all the way thru… gosh!!!!!
    couldn’t have been written better, esp the bit about why babies bring their food back… hahahahahaha

  • Jane


  • Angela Dickinson

    I am absolutley flabbergasted by this article!
    And the incredibly sad thing is that I know if I write something along the lines of how disillusioned this girl is and how absolutley disgusting her skeletal frame (because you sure can’t call it a body)is.. the response will be…I bet she’s a right fatty and is just jealous.

    Fortunately, and quite to the contrary, I am not! I actually wretch at the sight of fat people eating and almost obsess over what I eat and how much exercise I do.
    However, and I know this will fall on deaf ears, I have more exciting things to do with my life!