President of the England Davidro Caberone Has 18 GCSEs

UNITED STATES OF LONDON - England - President Davidro Caberone, is a really, really good president, almost as good as Barraco Barner.

The president of the England Davidro Caberone met up with the other president of England, Barraco Barner today to discuss their GCSEs.

“I’ve got loads of GCSEs that’s why I’m really clevah, innit,” the president said.

Davidro Caberone is so well educated in fact that he likes to show off his GCSE qualifications at every turn.

“I got one in drama, social equalities studies, knitting and even one in lasagne cooking. To say I is clevah is an understatement. As for Barraco Barner, he’s got a GCSE in care studies, and he got an A+ for bull studies, as in the stuff that gets ejected from a bull’s arse, you know the steaming kind.”