Slavery Reparations Could Be Paid to African Royals Who Sold Slaves to Whites

KINGSTOWN - St Vincent - Heads of state of 15 Caribbean nations will gather in St Vincent today to unveil a plan demanding slavery reparations from Europe to be paid to the people that sold them into slavery in the first place -- the African Kings and Princes.


“If it wasn’t for those guys selling us into the Atlantic slave trade, we wouldn’t have our own country right now. This is why we want those Africans who sold their own people, to get the slavery reparations,” the Jamaican foreign minister told an assembled group of reporters.

Slavery has existed for thousands of years and is not singularly the plight of Africans.

Throughout history, many races were slaves.

  • Steve P

    Indeed. Slavery cannot be condoned in any way but all events from the past have shaped our modern world. Without the holocaust it’s unlikely that Israel would exist today and without slavery the Caribbean as we know ii wouldn’t either. How many Jamaicans would have preferred to have been born in Africa instead?
    The past has to be acknowledged and remembered but it’s not place to live. Accept what you have got and and get on with it.