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8 Clerihews Defaming Joe Biden

THE GLUE FACTORY - An ode to Joe Biden, the leader of the Democrat Party.

Joe Biden
is too old for hang-glidin’.
Much less than that; if a pin were to drop,
the poor old fellow’s heart would stop.

Joe Biden
looks like he’s subsidin’.
He limps and shivers, scowls and stutters –
thank God he’s in charge of the nuclear button.

Joe Biden’s
supposed to be providin’
an antidote to Donald Trump.
‘Cept Joe’s Third Way shtick helped spawn that chump.

Joe Biden
is not very much like John Lydon.
‘Cos aside from all his problems Joe
can actually play and sing a note.

Joe Biden
has much experience of presidin’
despite having plagiarised a pillock:
a two-time loser called Neil Kinnock.

Joe Biden
will you keep survivin’
till once again the voters cry:
‘We’re sick of neoliberals, let’s give neofascists another try’?

Joe Biden
likes to go hitch-hikin’.
He cocks a thumb at his front door
and the stairlift takes him to the first floor.

Joe Biden
can’t keep hidin’
his love of the military-industrial complex
by having a VP of colour and the female sex.

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