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8 Clerihews Defaming Keir Starmer

SOSHI LIST-LAND - An ode to esteemed leader of the Opposition, Comrade Keir Starmer of the Labour Party.

Of Keir Starmer
there’s barely a murmur
from the state-corporate press
about his uselessness.

Keir Starmer,
twice stuck a knife through Corbyn’s armour.
Before he did it to Jezza’s front,
he stabbed him in the back, the treacherous cunt.

Keir Starmer,
looks like a charmer.
But only in the sense that the moment he speaks,
he sends a room full of people off to sleep.

Keir Starmer’s
policies are woollier than a herd of llamas.
But facing a Socialist Appeal subscriber
he metamorphoses into a viper.

Keir Starmer,
lost in your Blue Labour psychodrama.
You move to the right and seem to forget
that the voters worth having are still on the left.

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