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Kanye West Commits Career Suicide by Social Media

NEW YORK - USA - Rapper Kanye West has committed career suicide by social media with antisemitic comments.

It is official, autotune rapper Kanye West has not only gone clinically insane but has committed career suicide via social media.

Not known for his intelligence quota high scores, West is also blessed with numerous afflictions of the brain, probably schizophrenia mixed in with bipolarity, unjustified delusions of grandeur, manic depression and narcissistic  schizoid psychosis, but that’s neither here nor there. When you add antisemitism into the mix it gets very messy.

It is safe to say that this is the end of his career, because to say you are actively “…out to get the Jews” is just a man saying “take me away and bury me”.

“This is celebrity suicide. You know like suicide by cop, but this time by Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. No one can hire this guy again. His career is over,” a record executive remarked on Sunday.

But is this blatantly racist idiot’s career really over?

Because Kanye is part of a protected race where they can say anything they want without any repercussion, commit any heinous crime without prosecution, and are continuously parachuted into jobs they are not even qualified for, it is a certainty that nothing will happen to Kanye.

Despite the fact, like other hateful anti-semites like former Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, Kanye is normalising the hatred of Jews. Corbyn was white, so he eventually lost his job, but Kanye is black and is protected by the Liberal elites who run all media.

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  1. What have the poor Jews ever done to deserve this POS Kanye? Also he said black people are Jewish so he is qualified to hate on Jews. Sorry pal but blacks are not Jews for a start most of them eat pork and are uncircumcised.

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