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When Beauty Fades: Former Model Marie Helvin to Work in Tesco

LONDON - England - Marie Helvin, a former model and socialite is so poor in old age that she may work in a supermarket.

Women who make careers solely on their looks have a shelf life, as revealed by former model and socialite Marie Helvin. Certainly, she was true beauty in her younger days, but age takes a toll — just look at Bridget Bardot.

Where men generally age like a fine wine supposedly, most women deteriorate quite rapidly in the looks department, of course lifestyle is a factor to consider.

One only has to glance at the horrid meat shop called Instagram to see thousands of women capitalising on their youthful looks. These women are whoring out their bodies for sponsorship deals and making big bucks, but eventually time will catch up with them. Men generally cannot command the money-making opportunities that women gain on sites like Instagram or Onlyfans. Certainly, these women offer a valuable aesthetic service for men to jack off to, however age is a factor that always seeps through the fake lens of sites like Instagram eventually.

The grotesque, grizzled form of Ulrika Jonsson in the nude is an image that definitely reeks of desperation. Not sure what happened to Ulrika, but baring her sinewy sagging body parts in some cheap newspaper is not a way to grow old gracefully.

When it comes to women in this article, we are talking about Western women of course, who through their daily endeavours age extremely ungracefully. If one were to look at for example Japanese women, they can be in their 60s and still have flawless bodies, skin and hair as well as the ability to fuck like wild animals on heat. Possibly a result of diet and Japanese genetics as well as lifestyle.

Natural beauty in women is always key to longevity. When women start dabbling with trout lips and basketball tit implants, then it’s game, set and match. Whoever thought that a woman’s lips bloated to the size of fucking birthday balloons smacking around in the air like a fish out of water was in any way beautiful, are blind mutilators. Women who mutilate their looks as age progresses are obviously narcissistic cocottes in denial. It’s nigh on impossible to even get a semi with one of these creatures flapping their fake fat lips around like a fish, whilst bouncing around on their huge fake silicon tits. The natural shape of the breasts should be sacrosanct.

It would be a wonderful experience to see Marie Helvin in your local Tesco supermarket stacking shelves or pushing a few cartons of orange juice around. All women should be loved whatever age they are, and however they look, but in the internet age of plastic Kardashianism they have been reduced to mere aesthetic commodities to be rated, wanked over, and swiped for the next piece of eye candy. They have, through despicable sites like Instagram, dug their own grave simply because of their numbers and the attention span of the average internet surfer reducing daily.

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