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Massacre at Handforth Parish Council

HANDFORTH - England - Self appointed chairmen, clerks, councillors, and Jackie Weaver serve up a storm at the Handforth Parish Council meeting.


Whoever Jackie Weaver is it seems the poor woman had a mouthful of vitriol sent her way during a very important Handforth parish council meeting of the highest national importance.

Entertainment wise, the meeting exceeded any political satire written in a long time, including anything we could produce. In fact, the Daily Squib would love to be punched in to all future meetings of Handforth Parish Council. We don’t even know where Handforth is, but it does not really matter.

Welcome to Handforth

“Quite rightly!” one of them shouts as the self-appointed Chairman of the Council moans about being chucked out of the last meeting.

Points of Order…?

Jackie Weaver doesn’t know what the fook is going on, she throws the Chairman out of the meeting anyway? All of them then gang up on the woman as she warbles on and on thinking she is in charge.

Welcome to Handforth Jackie Weaver, a real trooper.

Is this the sort of shit coming from Cheshire East? Surely, not!

Let’s set up a sub-committee of a committee sub meeting and talk about nothing for hours.

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