Will Smith and Son Battle CGI Monsters For Three and a Half Long Hours

LOS ANGELES - USA - How about this for entertainment, you empty your wallet to go and watch some overpaid egotistical Hollywood creation swan around a screen being chased by CGI alien creatures for three and half f*cking hours?

“Watching this movie is like getting a dianetics lobotomy in a room with a big blue screen behind you,” someone who walked out of the movie early revealed.

The latest blockbuster Will Smith film will have you on the edge of your seat for nearly four hours as you choke back the tears from your f*cking eyes in disbelief that you have been conned so badly into paying to watch it.

A film executive behind the film said: “That’s part of the joy of this movie, because we filmed it all on a computer at minimal cost and took your money so we can live the high life with sh*t loads of amazing broads and coke. We hope you enjoy the movie as much as we enjoyed it.”