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Former Prince Harry in American Earthquake Shocker

LOS ANGELES - USA - The recent 4.2 magnitude earthquake in California has come as quite a shocker for the former prince, Harry.

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Poor former prince, Harry, has been embroiled in another drama, this time thankfully nothing to do with his wife, Meghan but a 4.2 magnitude Californian earthquake.

According to reports, the prince’s head was shaken to the left and to the right, and there was a sound much like a little pebble in a bucket as his head went back and forth during the length of the tremors.

“The former royal was shaken. We had to send for a physician as we were worried about the sound emanating from inside Harry’s skull. When the doctor eventually came and examined Harry, he firmly concluded that the rattling sound was caused by the former prince’s miniscule brain moving around the large empty skull area,” a concerned servant revealed.

Dr. Saul Hyams MD, revealed his prognosis of the situation.

“I would have to have the patient undergo x-rays first before making a conclusive diagnosis, however with the current evidence, what we have rattling around Harry’s skull is a miniature brain, I estimate the size of an acorn. Thus, when the patient moves his head abruptly, there is a rattling sound much like a die being thrown in a casino.”

There are never any earthquakes in England of any note, therefore this deficiency has never been addressed before, although the former prince’s intelligence quota results may have subtly alluded to the issue beforehand.

Harry and Meghan are currently holed up in a new Californian Santa Barbara mansion gladly bought for a cool £15 million. Harry’s dad, Prince Charles is said to have paid for it all.

Meanwhile, the doctor has advised Harry to wear a helmet at all times to protect his miniature brain, especially as there may be aftershocks.

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