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Cheryl Cole to Learn How to Play Musical Instrument

LONDON - England - Like most so-called stars these days, Cheryl Cole cannot play a single musical instrument, sing or read music. The 'talented'; star hopes to change that by learning how to play a recorder with music lessons.

“This could take her years of practice and hard toil but she is determined to learn how to play the recorder,” her agent Matzos Wilder, told MTV.

The ‘talented singer’ has always wanted to play a musical instrument and is even considering getting singing lessons as well.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do, you know become musical, like actually learn how to play something or even write a little ditty. I heard that there were singers in the old days who would sing without an Antares autotune machine, I might even try that one day, as long as I can still mime to my studio tracks on stage,” Cheryl Cole told MTV.

The MTV reality show will follow the starlet through her musical training sessions where she will attend classes with children as young as six to learn how to play the recorder.

“I’ve seen her, she’s good at blowing the flute, she told me she had a lot of practice. How else do you think she got this far in the music biz?” a very lucky MTV producer, Lackey Luster, said on MTV news.

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