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Celebrity Gives to Charity and Does Not Invite Cameras

GAMBIA - Africa - Hollywood star Branelina Cicconio has given her entire fortune to a charity helping poor African orphans, but she did not initially tell the media, a secret Wikipeek report has revealed.

“This is unprecedented, this celebrity actually gave to a charity and did not call a press conference or multiple news outlets about it. We have never actually seen that kind of behaviour before, we only found out from a secret report,” Ernest Fetherwilt, World Health Organisation chief told the BBC.

According to the secret folio, this celebrity even adopted an African boy and proceeded to look after him without telling any news agencies or brokering any Hello magazine photo shoots.

“This behaviour shows a startling disregard for narcissistic self-affirmation and fickle celebrity fad culture. When we have many celebrities adopting poor African children to implant in their Hollywood mansions as trophies, this celebrity has shunned all of that. It’s a bloody disgrace. My guess is that their career will now be over as they are actively shunned by all news networks for the rest of their sorry lives,” Sharon Amigdale, senior news editor for the New York Post said.

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