Victoria Beckham Baby Could Weigh More Than Her

LOS ANGELES - USA - The fifth Beckham baby, who is set to be called Gucci, already weighs more than Victoria Beckham, concerned doctors at the Cedars-Sinai hospital have revealed.

There are serious fears for Victoria Beckham’s health, because the baby she is carrying already weighs more than her and there may be problems during the birth, doctors claim.

“Somehow we’re going to have to pull that thing out of her. Even a cesarean would be a problem with that stick,” Dr. Arnold Kovavovic, one of the team of obstetricians who will be delivering the baby soon, told the LA Times.

During her pregnancy Mrs Beckham has had to be wheeled around on a special trolley because the baby bump dominates her body and she does not have the strength to walk on her own.

The customised contraption takes the weight off Posh’s legs and enables her to carry out her daily tasks, like not doing anything at all, shopping and scowling in front of a mirror.

“Victoria is going to be a great mother to Gucci. She wanted to call the baby Burberry but we went for Gucci instead. It’s a beautiful name and if we have another baby we’ll call them Fendi,” doting father, David Beckham, revealed to American talk show host, David Letterman, yesterday.

  • Gina

    That baby would of ripped her vag in half. Hope it was a caesarean?

  • Eve m

    It's not even Victoria and David Beckham! It's two look-a-likes!

    • Anjelina

      your wrong that’s Posh and Becks just before having Harper. It was a v. difficult pregnancy for her cuz posh is anerexic. Obviously it was a cesarian cuz could not do it normal way. It would of ripped her in half. David cant get on top of posh during s@x or she would die from the weight culd break her bones. thats the rumor.

  • rnmcconkey

    This photo is a tragic commentary on todays celebrity obsessed culture. Look how this woman has degraded her body and is oblivious to what she is doing.

  • Kari

    First of all, that picture is just gross. Her legs and arms are no bigger around than my wrists. They are both being selfish for having more kids! He for allowing it when it is obviously detrimental to her health, and she for allowing it knowing she could die and leave the kids she already has without a mother. She always looks unhappy. She is never smiling in any of the pictures that are put into public view. Goodness, lady. Get healthy!

  • catherine whitten

    yes you can see victoria.i can see her legs in the mirror katerina

  • kyosenshi

    That baby bumb doesn't even look real…

  • Jamie H

    i'm sure the doctores would sound a little more educated than that. It is actually unbelievable that her baby weighed more than her and a doctor would give actual measurements and pounds.

  • Anonymous

    I'm feeling like they're factoring in all of the weight from fluids and the placenta as well; that does add quite a bit, which is why women lose 20 or 30 lbs usually after having a baby, not 8.

  • jebber

    David Beckham is going to get a fright this Halloween when he wakes up next to a skeleton.

  • Aodhyn

    i'm actually quite amazed that nobody seems to be bothered by the fact that it's absolutely impossible for her child to be heavier than her? Ok lets go look at it like this. The heaviest new born baby weighed 19.2lbs. So she must weigh less than that. Well… if you just look at her skeleton, the average weight of that would be 20-30lbs, depending on the gender, posture and lifetime bodyweight. So i guess it's safe to assume she doesn't have oteoporosis or something that would interfere with that. Top those 20lbs with the 2.8lbs weight of the brain and about 8-10lbs for the skin alone but, since she's anorexic we take 2 pounds of that too. So we're left with at least 28lbs. That is only bones, skin and a brain, eventhough she does still have some muscle mass, internal organs, etc. Now if that isn't proof enough there's this little evolutionary catch. If a woman's body mass index would drop below a certain point she would probably be at severe risk of amenorrhoea, which tells us she wouldn't get her period and couldn't have babies. For her height, to have a BMI of 10 (which is impossibly thin – she wouldnt be alive), she would have to weigh 62lbs, which is substantially more than any baby could weigh.

  • demi

    for everyone saying she is a terrible mother for being so anorexic, has it occurred to anyone that this is a serious disorder for the child and she has become malnourished because the baby has sucked all of her nutrition from her? just like dogs, when the puppies are inside of her they can sometimes take all of their nutrition to the point of death.
    so before u know the story, stop judging on a fucking picture.
    im sure she is struggling severely with this, give her some slack.

  • Andrew

    She is in the mirror =/ most of her body is covered by his, but you can see her legs

  • Christian

    First off…Who the hell names there kid Gucci?!?! Second ….she needs to eat more. That's sad a baby that is not yet brought into this world weights more then the woman carrying it….Sad

  • Katarina

    If You Look In The Mirror/window right behind Them you can only see david. You Can't see Victoria, So Is This photo shop or is she a vampire and doesn't show up in mirrors or windows?..

  • Neraven

    How much does she weigh, ten pounds? Jesus fuck she can't even walk with 20-30 pounds on her? Or even fifty? Seriously she must weigh like thirty pounds. Disgusting. I feel sad for anorexics and weak and unhealthy people, and it's selfish and irresponsible to be letting enormously unhealthy people like this have babies.

  • Neraven

    Pretty sure it's actually Gu-chi.

  • Elionu

    Especially scary, considering that at birth, babies tend to weigh between 5-9 pounds. How is she still alive?

  • not right

    every one lives is there own business, but there are boundries and limit to our privicy, eg child abuse, is it no ones business if a child is being abused, or a woman being raped or killed. Another eg. comes to mind if a mother is drinking or smoking when pregnant they can be charged for child endagerment , so then if a mother is putting a child at risk as in this case why is it different.

  • Putra

    BBC News: David and Victoria Beckham expecting fourth child.

    Oh wait, no, she's just eaten an apple.

  • Katrina

    Layren – I see your point of view, and I may be out of line for saying this, but not everyone is a stereotype. In fact, I believe you are one yourself at first glance simply because of what you put here, but that's not my point at the moment. I will admit that this is the first time I've ever seen this article and i honestly have no clue about Ms. Beckham's situation, so knowing that, here is what I have to say. I don't know if she's anorexic, but if she is, that isn't exactly a good thing for a baby. Size zero? Incredible. In a way, I wish to tell you that you are a completely heartless person to have said such a thing about the more heavier built people of this country. I would rather be six hundred pounds with a personality than to be a skinny little nobody with only society and the common people judge me for how I look. Hun, looks aren't everything, and if anything, celebs are nothing but fakes who put on a show to entertain us common folk. But that's how I see it. My own sister is far skinnier than I will ever be and she's already heading into the modeling business. I believe by the time next year, you will see her in magazines, on billboard ads, in photographs, and so on and so forth. Now I will not deny that what you say is truth – a pregnant woman is very beautiful. But a pregnancy that puts the mother at risk is a serious cause for concern. Keep that in mind next time you decide to say something – it might help you later in life to win an argument.

  • GetReal

    Totally agree with you! Skinny is ugly! it looks like she is about to die. What looks sexy is fat free, lean, toned and athletic looking healthy body not bony stick body! It certainly does not sound healthy to me, her carrying a baby heavier than herself. The names also sound ridiculous. I would not call my baby some brand name! and they will get bullied at school. They could find nicer and more unique names than using some silly brand name.

  • Ren

    I still think she looks better than Heidi Montag!

  • Tayla

    Weighs more than her…? That's incredible.

  • Taripop

    lol… If you people must just know how idiotic and retarded you look to other countries. And this is coming from someone living in a so called Third World Country. You guys are all sad and retarded. Really uneducated.

  • John Dee

    I'm a high end photoshop retoucher and have studied this image to see if it was altered and cannot find any evidence.
    There would be major distortions on other parts of the body and hands around her bump if it was latered. It is an incredible image and I think it is sad that anorexics like Victoria Beckham have been allowed to give birth. It is highly irresponsible and darn right dangerous.

  • Debora

    tas empachada en leche wacha!!!!!!

  • Kloe

    You people who say that anorexic thin is beautiful are sick. Especially if she's pregnant. How dare you put beauty over the well-being of a mother and child. Yeah, it's good to be fit, but skinny and fit are two different things. I'd rather be chubby than a size zero when I'm pregnant, so I don't starve my baby, you fucking idiots. If you put your looks and desires of being what society wants you to be above your health, then you're a vain little prick. Grow up. Beauty isn't everything. Health is. I'd rather be chubby and in shape, than a skinny little tooth pick who does everything to lose more weight. It's not beautiful, it's sickening.

  • anna

    hahahahahahahaha omg lol. but really. why would you name your kids that……………..

  • Rachel

    I feel so bad for their kids… Come on, say it out loud. Hi, my names Gu-si (Gucci). Hi, my names Fen-di (Fendi). Hi, my names Bur-berry (burberry)

  • normalone

    you are serious? She looks horrible, she's anorectic ..

  • Lauren

    Thin is beautiful. What you rather her look like a heffer? I want size zero i don't want fat people as celebs. She is great and she looks so hot now in this pic. All you haterz need to take a step back and look in the mirror yall must be fat. First look at yoself before commenting on others.

  • LOL

    I can't believe how beautiful she looks can't you see that she suffered as a mom for her child. Bless you Victoria Beckham you are wonderful and I love all that you do.

  • Anonymous

    I think she looks beautiful in this photo. A picture of motherhood all you nasty people commenting need to stap back and look at that picture because your all probably jelous. Get a life all of you uou make me sick.!

  • Anonymous

    She looks beautiful. Leave her alone.

  • Julia Warren

    Actually she wanted that photo taken. She was paid for that and she WANTS ppl to look at her thats her job as a celebrity. She's a public figure and therefore anything that is said about her is game. What's she famous for anyway I don't know she has no talent or anything.

  • Excuse Me.

    Why is Victoria Beckham's personal life ANY of your business. If she wants to starve herself then that's her problem. Don't pretend to know her when you know you don't. I don't think you'd like it if your face was being pasted over the internet and have people hating on you. I can garuantee you'd say it isn't their business. It's the same for celebrities. They have the right to a private life. They have the right to be happy. So don't you show her any disrespect because it just shows people how much of a jerk you are. =.= [/rage]

  • cammy


  • Maddison

    this is a lie…she gave birth to their SIXTH baby like a week after this was written!! whoever wrote this is freaking retarded!!

  • Natalie

    This is sad, she cares too much about beauty than caring for her own child, an't be that healthy can it? She barely eats anything and she could get seriously harmed giving birth – probably via c-section now – I think she's being quite selfish actually. Plus the media has pushed her to be like that :/

  • Moeed

    this is not able

  • Anonymous

    dude. Posh gave bith the the FOURTH Beckham baby about four days after this was written.

  • Sarah

    Lolllll, Here's another example an anorexic mother who weighs LESS than her daughter, 7

    I couldn't believe it!!!!! OMFG !!!

  • gaz

    Beckham looks like he's getting ready for a throw in.

  • ahmedo

    She must have the widest pussy in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beanybudd

    This is a joke post, right?

  • april

    This is ridiculous, she is selfish her body is already suffering from this pregnancy why not eat enough to nourish that baby =(

  • Mel

    What the hell is she eating Or… is she eating anything? Worse is that some people here don't see anything wrong with this picture …

    She is NOT GORGEOUS, she looks sick, what is wrong with you ppl? Don't you see she weighs no more than a cat?

  • rachel

    I can't see anything wrong with this photo, what are all you ppl talking about? It's just a woman who is heavily pregnant. I see that stuff everyday in our neighborhood

  • noticingthetruth

    Vicky looks fabulous and so proud too, all yew haterz can you pls crawl under ur rocks and leave her and her baby alone.

  • giuliana


  • boss

    i think her husband will go inside after the baby comes out

  • duh!

    Wake up! Can' you lo see hat this woman suffered for her baby. Some respect please!!!!

  • It's me.. Mario !!

    Ooooh, this article was weird, but

    You cannot love it or hate it

    you just have to laugh at it

  • Whylie

    The wonders of the human body. As for that picture I am a photoshop expert and work on high end retouching. If it had been altered you would see massive distortions on David Beckhams hands I've downloaded it and opened it up on my system and the photo looks pretty kosher to me.

  • Angie Matheson

    One thing you need to realize is that bulimic women have problems giving birth because they're so skinny. Posh is both things I think shes bulimic and anorexic i've heard that she eats three lettuce a day washed down with green tea. I'm not a nutritionist but I don't think she can give herself nutrients as well as her child. This picture shows us that she has a pot belly look it up on google its when people don't have enough nutrition and their belly swells. You can see pot bellies in Africa and Asia. Sadly it is usually from poor nutrition. If her baby survives it will prolly have serious brain damages and stunted development. If anyone is out there who thinks this is a cool thing please do not copy this woman she is on deaths door in that picture. she should never have got pregnant cuz shes put her baby in danger.

  • sarah

    She looks like she's going to lay an egg

  • Sparki

    FAKE, FAKE, FAKE-If anyone saw VB at the Royal wedding, you'd be smart enough to know this is photoshopped…DERRRRRR

  • Anonymous

    … you people DO realise that she wuz 9 months pregnant right? The idiocy of some people hurts my brain.

  • jade

    i dont blieve for 1 second that thats posh spice. i fink its a fake pic 2 make her look bad…

  • keli

    she looks gorgous leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dana

    When she bursts y'all better get out the room..

  • Jess

    It's not that the baby itself weighs more than her, it's that the whole uterus/embryonic sac and fluid/baby/everything else inside that pregnant baby weighs a ton. I doubt it actually weighs more than her, but it's probably more than half of her weight without being pregnant. Some women gain around 50 pounds during their pregnancy, and Posh is so tiny I'm not really surprised.

  • graduated high school

    I like 2 think i'm clever and all i see is a heavily pregnent woman ok she's a celeb but so what. Why don't u ppl get a life. Leave her alone.

  • Baw

    This is the biggest piece of shit ever! As if a baby could weigh more than a fully grown woman no matter how stick thin she is! The heaviest baby to date was only 10.8kgs, and I'm sure she weighs in the 40-50s. I was laughing so hard at the crapness of this article. "The customised contraption takes the weight off Posh's legs and enables her to carry out her daily tasks, like not doing anything at all, shopping and scowling in front of a mirror." I mean, if this is not a piss take, then you are completely daft!

  • bla

    Look closer…she looks so happy and content as if shes done something special . I wish her the best of luck with that one.

  • dween

    I think Vicky looks great in this photo I seriously don't know what the problem is?

  • Anonymous


    Thats posh aka Victoria Beckham before she had her baby. You can even see the tatoos on David's arms.

  • Katie

    Hi what makes you think that's not Victoria Beckham? That's her and David before she gave birth.

  • Jessica


  • georgie

    i really dont think that is her the hole article is fake sorry to say haha

  • Katie

    She looks great. I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham and I think she looks wonderful in this pic. Their a loving couple. All the nasty comments are obviously from bitter people. I wish her and the baby all the best of success.

  • tahlia

    uhm, you people are idiots,
    this photo is fake.
    that looks nothing like vic or david beckham, and the belly is not attached to the woman…

  • Anonymous

    oh come on!! whoever wrote this has no common sense in science…it's medically impossible to have a baby that is heavier than the mother

  • Karl

    ..and we have LIFT OFF!!!

  • mae

    I can't tell who is trolling and who is just stupid…

  • Caz

    This story is the biggest load of tripe written to incite seriously immature rediculous comments.
    Victoria has had the baby and everything went well.
    They both look gorgous.
    Nasty people.

  • Kate

    She needs to eat a ham sandwich

  • Jackie

    Maybe she's having twins or could be octoplets. She could be octomom part deux..god hellp us lol

  • Ryanne

    It's really disturbing to me to think that this bitch would rather risk her life and her unborn child's life instead of eating a freaking cheeseburger! It's not like she has a career to worry about her weight for anymore. All she does is spend money and make pouty faces for the camera. I hope this baby does rip her in half, then I wouldn't have to hear about her anymore.

  • Tina

    This is one of the most shocking photos I have ever seen…even in Somalia or Ethiopia you rarely see such images….god bless this woman who will try to have the child…my thoughts are with her and most importantly the baby…hopefully the doctors will ease her pain.

  • Anonymous

    ….was your comment sarcastic? Or are you all this stupid??? Damn Americans.

  • Alica

    I find it very hard to believe that either Victoria could weigh as little as 30 pounds or the baby weigh as much as that. If she was indeed thin enough that her baby weighed more than she, she would be dead.



  • A. J

    What kind of journalism is this? You guys are so lamo is this the kind of journalism you Brits doing? Is this news? huh?

  • OMFG

    I feel sorry for her husband if that thing comes out of her vag. I mean it's going to be ripped to shreds……prolapse a sunken pit that u can lose a battleship in…

  • lachonda

    Bitch needs a rollerskate or a push chair os summink wtf is that inside of her? looks like a mosquito that had its fill….. bitch needs to eat mo food if not thy should force feed her with a straw…eat a steak u got all that money buy a hot meal fo yoself –da stupidity of some pple makes my yak…

  • Stuart

    I'm more concerned by the article. How can you say in the heading "could weigh" the open with "already weighs". This is beyond poor proofing – it is pathetic journalism Michalea.

  • janey

    There's no way that could be real………its impossibnle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Earl

    I got a serious belly laugh looking at this picture look at her legs their like sticks. the baby will literally rip her in half how they gonna get it out? i don't even know who this woman is but i have to wish her some good luck with getting that baby out…..wooosh! it gonna be messy stand back

  • H

    Look at the size of that thing?!?! Jeez that's the funniset thing I've ever seen LOL

  • Jade

    . haha shes going to explode
    think how much babies weight.. like 6 pounds.
    and burberry, gucci, fendi? haha

  • Chika

    Lol at the first comment… I completely agree that it looks physically impossible.. but we don't actually know. It's however so sad that she has become so skinny, unable to realise the damage it is causing her health. 🙁 sad.

  • Freddy MacAlpine

    I can'r see how she'll be able to shit that one out. I mean it's not physically possible…