Jim Carrey Reveals the Truth at Meaningless Hollywood Awards Ceremony

LOS ANGELES - USA - This is incredible. Jim Carrey actually reveals the truth about Hollywood award ceremonies.

It’s hard to control some people, and that’s the truth of being Jim Carrey, a man who does know the truth about how meaningless and banal Hollywood celebrities are, unfortunately he is stuck as being one himself.

“Here is a man stuck in the false plastic world of Hollywood. He seems to be playing the game, but is actually defying the whole system by attending meaningless awards shows for Hollywood icons.

“Let’s break that down for a second, by attending a meaningless ceremony, this guy has transcended the meaning of the meaningless ceremony by being nothing himself.

“In reality, we are truly nothing, and these so-called Hollywood icons who think they are something, are nothing as well, therefore, their attendance at a nothing ceremony celebrating nothing equals…nothing! Something, that moronic fake tanned brainless plastic E News reporter will never understand,” a man outside of the ceremony revealed.

Just to recap: nothing + nothing = nothing