Lady GaGa's New Look Includes Leg Amputation

LOS ANGELES - USA - The bizarre American pop starlet, Lady GaGa, astounded fans and TV audiences Friday when she announced that she has had one of her legs amputated below the knee purely for fashion purposes.

The pop singer endured the operation so that she could look increasingly ‘different’, and it seems she has achieved her objective. Her record company even paid for the operation and her new video will showcase the new image when filming begins in three weeks.

“This is the latest fashion I’m starting and you can see that I’m a world leader when it comes to wacky and weird shit huh. Next month after I recover from the surgery I hope to have the other leg amputated or maybe my arm, hmm…which one should I amputate next?” Lady GaGa said on MTV yesterday whilst hopping around the studio.

“Cosmetic Amputation Surgery”

According to pop music experts, Lady GaGa has pioneered a new trend in pop acts who want to cash in on the amputations.

“Just think how cool it would be if other mediocre pop acts were to amputate parts of their bodies? You could have headless wonders singing along to their latest template RnB nonsense drum tracks or maybe legless f*cktard bimbos being ferried around in wheel chairs or makeshift carts. Personally, I think this new trend is a godsend, and I’d be first in line to chop off that untalented c*nt Robbie Williams’ head or how about that awful vulgar tart, Paris Hilton. I think this GaGa bird is onto something, innit,” Ronald Schweiner, a music journalist for Melody Maker remarked.

Veteran pop act, Madonna has already shown an interest in the new craze and has vowed to have both of her unsightly arms amputated, and in an extra twist, donated to science.

  • mike

    It's a shame that people that are gifted go and take what God as given to us and take it off like a piece of clothing am sorry. God..and yet they are blessed with so many things??

  • mm

    old news. This happened three years ago. ;D

  • Jethro Scott

    Seriously guys, this was posted in 2010,
    She's still pretty weird and i agree with knightk22 completely.

  • ThatsFuckedUp

    I think thats the dumbest thing iv ever herd

  • knightk22

    She is always saying to be proud of who you are and the way you were born, yet, she continues to try to change herself. She is contradicting her whole mantra.

  • carla

    Can Beiber get his head amputated Please?


    I had to become stupid to even try and read that crap. I still didnt succeed… God, people need to speak English, not stupid text.

  • woogy

    She is a depraved satanic ass-clown sicko. If this is true, how stupid, if no ditto.

  • Marcus Denholm

    Get lost pip sqeak

  • alex

    demonic woman…you should be baned in all public places, so our children will not see all your demonic activity…

  • breaking-fat

    Why doesn't she amputate her penis instead?

  • Spencer Binge


  • deeks

    if this were true I would agree it is despicable..the truth is there is NO truth in this article.What person would ever do something like this for real.Come on folks stop being so naive…

  • vicki

    this has to be the dumbest thing i have ever read

  • aaaaaaaaaaa

    Disgusting, filthy creature. She's absolutely horrible and amazes me with her stupidity. I just don't understand how a filthy beast like this can become a celebrity. Someone should shove that thing behind bars so it does not see the light of day and scare people who do not actually amputate limbs for attention-seeking reasons.

  • Todd Lee

    She should beheading herself next. 😀

  • Marcus Denholm

    The Lady is a fine artiste a genius in her own right. What you Neanderthals who wouldnt understand good art if it hit you in the face is her body modification is imho an act that could be displayed in any great art gallery in the world and command millions for it. I don't expect you morons to get it. She is a living Picasso, a Baudelaire and a Monet all in one. Lady GaGa refreshes my soul and spirit with her expression her joi de vivre I am disgusted at the base comments denigrating her artistry and sacrifice for her art. We need more artists like her and not the banal offerings or hould I say droppings that populate the art and music world today. Bravo GaGa I salute you.

  • me

    please, do the world a favor and don't breed.


  • Abigail

    What is the world coming to. It's cringey looking at all your comments,

  • marko viter

    Filthy bitch!

  • janiee

    you peeps make me sick so its ok for angelina jolie to have her breasts amputated and not lady gaga? double standards is what you are all doing…correct me if im wrong bitchez.. we live in a free world if she wants to whatever she wants it should be her right..get it!!!!

  • Joey

    This appalls me…

  • Kris

    As for someone who's father is a quadruple amputee due to contracting bacterial meningitis, I am appalled that someone would do this to a healthy body part…..what a crazy selfish &!$#@!!!!!

  • someofusjustliketoread

    Rowntree McCartell you're an a**whole get a life!

  • Carole Ann Davis

    Ummmmm I don't think she has a brain to do something like that!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Big difference in a provocative attack on breast cancer she has the H1N1 gene and had a really high risk of breast cancer and the act of cutting off a healthy limb is just over the edge crazy and as a retired health professional I do not know of a reputable Surgeon that would cut off a good healthy limb

  • JIM

    brain would be good also

  • andy

    I suggest she gets her HEAD amputated.

  • kiki boubay

    I dont believe it shes a shock jock I hope it is a lie but maybe she has cancer or something and is trying to act casual ….no doctor would cut off a good leg would they ?
    though crazy lunatic angelina jolie cut off her chest and she did not even have cancer but then she is seriously mental casse

  • smittee

    I'm pretty sure if you look at anything recent she has BOTH legs and neither one is a prosthetic. I could be wrong but I've never seen her with anything even slightly resembling a fake leg! I know she had HIP surgery not to long ago…

  • g

    @gerry doc – another made up 'disorder' from the medical profession ??? …. nothing a good kick in the arse wouldn't solve …

  • josie

    um guys, if you look the article was written in 2010. this is old news. She had this op done ages ago.

  • Jasper

    This is Illuminati Ga Ga at her worst. She has gone too far they brainwashed her and she is brainwashing her fans now.

  • Joe Harmon

    Just goes to show you how sick in the head. She should be evaluated for mental and emotional sicknesses.
    And what of the Doctor? How can the Doctor be a part of this as a professional?
    Maybe it was no Doctor at all. Didn't read to far about it.
    I suppose anyone untrained can take off a limb with a big blade.
    Just goes to show how disgustingly sick some parts of our society have become-and in an age when we are suppose to be the most civilized in the World's history.

  • Nacie

    im not mad at her for being "Hip" or jealous of her either… im mad cause there are billions o people every year who loose a limb from a severe accident and they wish every day for the rest of their lives to have it back… then she wastes away a good limb… just cause she can and that she has the money to do it… i used to respect her but now… i dont…

  • Mia

    She should amputate her head next.

  • Gerry Doc

    This in the medical profession is called Apotemnophilia which is associated with Body Integrity Identity Disorder. It is the irrational desire to have normally functioning limbs removed through amputation.

  • grae

    Maybe she should get a guillotine and have all these other idiots line up and chop chop, they could all run around like headless chickens

  • Valkyre420

    Lady Gaga is a little touched in the head.

  • Krackonis

    Just trying to imitate the Drummer for Def Leppard.

  • Ferking

    After reading ur comment i'd like to say, ur a total & complete idiot for even considering copying that jackass trend/nonsense. Cut off a perfectly healthy limb. U ppl make me sick with ur stupidity, copying everything these "celebrities" do. Don't u have ur own personality or originality? Go ahead and follow like an ass and regret in the future. Amputate on u lost, mindless, programmable jackasses!

  • Anoush

    No wonder she has been out of site for the last year. Maybe she is trying to cope with her major mistake. I find this so sickening when is it all going to end these crazzy celebrities suck

  • anonymous

    I can't believe that there are people out there who are in accidents and have to get amputations and would give anything to have that leg, arm, etc back. Here she is with 2 healthy legs and she throws away a perfectly good leg just to look "different"? How ridiculous is this?!! I hope Madonna comes to her senses before doing anything drastic. This is really not a good idea

  • Anonymous

    ******* insane you mean!

  • D

    She's an attention seeker!

  • Boris

    GaGa newds to conveurt to Islam. If that happened they might amputate her other leg too

  • gavin

    i love u lady u r a genious a musical talent tht i hve nevah evah seen b4. dnt listen 2 da hatez, jelos ppl who wish thy talented as u. nevah 4get ur da best artist at the mo. if u had ur leg amputited so wot? its ur leg innit. im thinkin of gettin mine ampitated to. i reckon u can get it don on the nhs.

  • luvly

    JESUS is coming bak soon lady gaga please repeant&stop being wierd 2tht al 4fame da fame we a 2leave when we die id rather be poor wit a clean&clear lyf back ground WE NEED JESUS

  • Dima …

    she gonna get some attention at first, then regret it and realise that she is now just a disable.


    I asked a surgeon if he could do this for me too, and he said NO WAY! But he know someone in India who if u pay enuff will do it. I dont want to do it myself I just want to knoe.

  • Hisharo

    Lame! I cannot believe you people listen to this crap! First I hate to say that the reporter is stupid. [Reason: They randomly take picture on the internet to post about Gaga daily style, and accidentally they took this stupid picture. Reason 2: Only people who hate and jealous about this crazy, legend and intelligent LADY will hate on her for what she did. Reason 3: Now the VMAs is out for 2010. Their out to hate on her so other artists can get the prize] I really found this pretty lame for people who hate her for amputating. Don’t hate her because she wears awkward costume, it’s her style. If you see her in real life, she will wear same as us. It is just her job and style of a singer to be special. It’s all about FASHION!

  • Paula

    gffI think Alejandro is about getting her leg chopped off. Listen to the third chorus… can hear what she says s

  • sheila

    I cant believe what i have just read it has really makes me sick to think that she would even consider anything so bloody stupid.

  • Yo Mama !!

    Lets be honet, we all have boners after looking at that photograph.

  • dIVA cARLA

    shes the lady in my liffe i love my gaga i want 2 b ur best monsta i want 2 b like u & dress lik u & sing lik u. i record my own songs & i want 2 send u a tape? all the haters wwho diss u 4 cutting ur leg needs 2 get a life asshoes u all need 2 grow the f up and realize that gaga is the queen of all music she is a genious she will show the world what it means to be cool. u dont need a leg to b cool or u dont need 2 legs u can be cool with none & the genious of her is that shes telling u all how it is & u all dont fing getit? i am the best gaga fan ever & u betta bleive it bitchezzzz!!

  • Jip Krow

    Lmao this is quite a crazy gaga publicity stunt that you all fell for.

    If any of you are (or claim to be) gaga superfans then you will know that she prolly used a fake leg stick or some kind of holugram onstage. I saw her in concert 2 nights ago. Both legs seemed to be there but dunno anymore. She has many great ideas but the leg i reckon goes way to far


    I asked my doctor if he could do this to me yesterday and he said no! Wtf is up wit that? I said I would pay whatever it takes and he still refused. If there are any docs out there please email

  • Florence

    Why did someone as talented as Lady Gaga do something like this?

    WTF is wrong with some people that they have to keep getting more and more attention?

    These are questions that need answering

  • Graham Perrin

    It beggars belief to read such horrendously awful stories like this one about this woman. What ever happened to real artists who wrote songs?This woman has gone and chopped off her leg just to get more attention. I really believe we are near the end of times now as the Bible prophecies dictated. God help us all.

  • WOT????????

    i cant bleive u dd this 2 urself lady gaga pls som1 tell me she aint dunnit? im @ me wits end ova this, y wld u do such a thing? she shld sue her rec co 4 wot they did 2 her wot about the doc who chopped her leg? arrest them all they hurt the bestest artist this world has @ the mo they need 2 b all punished 4 wot they done

  • April

    *sighs* You guys are so weird! If you had actually LOOKED at the picture CAREFULLY, you would see that her leg is folded and strapped together to make it look like that.
    People these days…

  • OMFG?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Why did you do it Lady Why?

  • mischa

    this women needs help!!!She’s F***KED in the head!!!

  • Elle

    One word! Photoshop!! As if!!

  • Mooniekate

    Relax your faces, tools! It’s not real! The problem with posting these sorts of stories as a joke is that people are morons and will believe them. Sarcasm is aural, and should stay that way.

  • Janelle Amarino

    GaGa i’m ur best fan and i support u whateva u do

  • Harley

    Why dont all the gaga fans got to Iraq or Afghanistan? Then they could have all the amputations they want.

  • Karl

    Lady GAGA has so much talent i don’t know why she needs to do thi as well>?

    Out of all the music artists at the moment she is deffo the best and i’m angry her record company pushed her into this amputation.

    History repeating itself? The music industry killed off the best artists like Elvis, Jimi Hendrix and the Keith Richards. Whose next?

  • infamousgaga

    sucha pain in public eyes.
    dear GOD,please bring back AALIYAH, we’ll send you GAGA,dat is IF u wanna take her back.


    I wish i could have had the honor of amputating her leg for her, it would be such an honor for me. i aint a doctor but i love gaga so much i’m cheif monster in my group and we love gaga tooooo-o much.


  • keith

    Would everyone please calm down, just because Gaga has her leg amputated doesn’t mean the world is ending. It is her choice & her body, is the world that retarded enough to amputate their legs because she does? I just don’t know what the big deal is… I think it is pretty modern & edgy. So calm down America & grow some balls, stop being little bitches.

  • Pina

    I always thought she was a he, maybe she/he should get her cock chopped off and go for the full transformation.

  • mzrh


  • Unknown :D

    She’s crazy ! It is not even beautiful ! She’s too much …

  • Catenadine

    I thought I heard/saw it all. NEVER, will I say that again. This world is SICK, SICK, and let me say it again… SICK!

  • Sharona

    I love u GAGAG I want to amputate my toe to commemorate ur new album

  • Eva


  • Hannah

    God give us Michael Jackson back and we will send you GaGa…

  • JVM Fan

    True or False>>>?? WAtch Issues tonight to find out–on the Headline News Channel of CNN

  • :-((((((((((((((

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAGA PLS SAY IT AINT SO??!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Mikey

    I love yo GaGa you are my all my supreme monstar by lovely one legged elf with a voice that could make angels weep with joy, I buy all ur music and I dress like u every day. O Jeezus my darling GaGa I ahve all of ur pictures on my wall and wld do anything to meet u. If u come to Detroit I will make my home a shrine 2 u, I can show u the city, take u wherer u want, i would even hire a wheelchair because of your legs. But don’t worry these are trivials things, i love you and ur music.

  • eweweweewewwww

    Yeah, that doesnt even loook attractive, its disguisting! what the hell was she thinking????

  • Steffi

    i am appauled by what she’s done, how many soldiers have fought in the wars to give her the life she has now and have lost limbs and would give ANYTHING to have them back and fucking gaga goes and chops one off cos she thinks its cool, having your leg chopped off IS NOT COOL, it makes you a cunt and i personally think people who do this should of died and the poor soldiers who died after losing limbs should have another shot at life.

  • RJ

    First of all, I liked Lagy GaGa’s songs BUT after this..

    Well, this is madness. This is stupidity. Some hardcore fans of lady gaga may argue that this is her body, it’s her choice. let her do it. Well, I agree with you. fine. let her go.

    But my main concern is that children who are very very super stupid like dumb blondes and some dumb adults and celebrities may be influenced by this and amputate their body parts also. Just for uniqueness.. well, let me tell you this ain’t uniqueness.. this is stupidity and disrespect for your body.

    Some were born without this and wish that they have but she is some dumb ass hole who don’t even appreciate her own arms!

  • Jarell

    I personally think that media has shaped the world. In many ways, we as people can’t/do not want to escape the media world. From body modification, to adultery, the world has changed so much in the last 50 years. Asian culture gone to be replaced by western cultures, and everything’s gone fuck. Music’s controlled by powerful people, the illuminati. This is definately something out of the ordinary, if this becomes a trend, it just shows how ignorant people are, and shame on the western society for bringing so much of evil into this world. This is disgusting, and i’m pretty sure there will be cunts following her trend. Well good luck with that, at least i’m still sane enough to know this is just against anything god ever wanted for us.

  • someone

    I think Lady gaga is crazy and out of her mind. Why bother to amputate your leg for fashion? It doesn’t even look cool, it’s just sick. People with amputated legs want their legs back!!
    You guys should take a look at this article about lady gaga.’s-“telephone”/

  • iphon

    she is rich to do that. How abt urself? (Those who plan to do the same like her cos u r her fan)

    Wake up your bloody mind!!!!! think for long term-for yourself,ur family and those who loves u first. Who going to take care of u forever? Who is going to pity u? no company will employ u with one leg.

    U might set one of the world record for your stupidlity.

    Go ahead pls.

  • SM

    At first i thought lady Gaga was just a eccentric and talented musician. However, after this act of getting her leg amputated, I confirmed that she is just a psycho that is sick in her head.

    She feels that she is bringing in a new fashion. She feels that she is looks good that way. She is just being sick in the ass.

    She is a celebrity. Even if she can’t be a good role model to people, she should just stop influencing people to do stupid stuff that affects them for the rest of their life.

    If chopping off her leg is cool and nice, then she should consider digging away her eyes, chopping off her ears and disfigure her face. That way, she will continue to stay in history even after she die.

    And for those who are her fans, and who wants to chop off their body parts to follow the

  • good monster

    Why didn’t she do this years ago she looks so-o-o-o-o much better!!!!!!

  • eye roll

    methinks it should be the head next.

  • Freako

    I am such a huge hardcore Gaga fan, I think I’m gonna persuade my parents for permission so I can get my leg chopped off or something. I mean if Gaga can do it so can I.

  • Jamie

    MTV was running this story last week and i have to say at first i thought it was bs i was left speechless and i think its bad booby bad she had her leg chopped.

    please GAGA give me your leg i will cherish it for the rest of my life.

  • mutley

    ok ok she’s pretty dedictated to her arts but can she run the 100m in a good time, no is the answer i think to that question



  • ladygagaissatanic

    OMG WHATS WITH YOU PEOPLE WHO SUPPORT HER?! OPEN YOUR EYES. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! this is so insulting to those hospital patients who have to amputate their leg due to medical reasons. What if those patients were your loved ones, lady gaga is giving a statement that body amputation is in trend, its cool, its hip, its fun , its alright, and good. Come on, if you have a mind of your own, tell me, does that sound pleasant to you? if so, please move to another planet with her!!! satanic loser! LADY GAGA SHOULD STOP SPREADING WRONG MESSAGES?! SHE WILL NOT BENEFIT FROM IT WHEN SHE’S IN HELL?! 100% LUCIFER=LADY GAGA=PSYCHO=SATANIC=GET A LIFE!

  • jdsany

    i love Lady gaga whateva she does please support her ppl and dont get anfry yall


  • A.

    I mean seriously what has gotten into her to do such a thing to her own body that God created so beautifully. No one in the right mind would amputate his/herself for no rhyme reason. Fashion statement? Please, it is going to bring a lot of harm to the society especially for the fact that she is so famous. Crazy fans would also go crazy with her and there will be an increasing population of handicapped people in this world. What is the world becoming? I think gaga needs to see a psychiatrist.

  • Emile

    LOL wtf was she thinking when she did that???????

    I mean like does she hop around when she tours? What happens when she sees some stairs? I can’t believe this it’s so outrageous, but thats what she wants

  • Genius

    I think she’s making a unique statement like This is what I do for my art I mean no other artist has ever had the guts to do what she has done. I’ll support her all the way and even though I hate her music I respect her for what she has done.

    God bless you GaGa.

  • brian moyles

    I love the new look she looks so much better. please we need more talented pop singers to do the same.

  • megan

    this website should be remooved this is a sick joke and im not laughing its horrible to dp anything like tht and all the hedlines around its are bloody stuppid asweell and tbh it looks fake but its no9t the sort of thing u think of at the time after reeading this but if u then stare at it close you wil see it looks fake but she was in japan like weeks ago and nothing she wouldnt have healed tht quick and no surgeon would do it not for ‘fashion’ theyd be struck off and pluss she would also be sectioned in a mental hopital

  • Amorel

    Dear God give us back Kurt Cobain and we will send you Lady GaGa

  • gaga chop

    maybe shes trying the Mucca Heather Mills look..

  • Tony Giancana

    OMFG Please say this is NOT true cuz my bf now wants to have his arm amputated now.

    He is such a big GaGa monster and says he wants to get the look. Please someone STOP him !!!

  • Steve D

    I wish her the best of luck in her new look but I for one think it is a terrible example for the millions of teen girls who follow this singer. I am very angry that this was allowed to slip through the net and she was allowed to go ahead with this.

  • Will

    In all my time on the internet i don’t think i’ve ever read anything as ridiculous as this piece. please tell me that this is not real ?

  • sigh

    What next? Jeez, this is just getting too much now..