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Mysterious Man May Know Where Lady Gaga’s Stolen Dogs Are

LOS ANGELES - USA - A mysterious man has come forward with a theory about where Lady Gaga's stolen dogs have gone. Investigation is ongoing.

Lady GaGa Left 'Custard' in Hotel Bath

LONDON - England - Lady Gaga allegedly left "large amounts of lumpy custard and English traditional desserts" in a hotel bath, shocked staff have disclosed.

Lady GaGa Has Other Leg Amputated

LOS ANGELES - USA - The self-proclaimed pop Queen, Lady GaGa, has had her remaining leg amputated, it has been reported.

Gaga Gives Birth to Speckled Hen’s Egg on Stage

TORREMOLINOS - Spain - During a surprise stop over in the holiday town popular with Brits from up North, Lady Gaga, performed a spectacular feat that astounded the assembled crowds.

Lady GaGa Wants Her Leg Back

LOS ANGELES - USA - Lady GaGa has ordered her record company to get her left leg back after she had her fashion induced amputation in April.

Lady GaGa to Present Amputated Leg to Lucky Fan

LOS ANGELES - USA - After having her leg spectacularly amputated for art, the pop star Lady GaGa is to present the preserved appendage to one of her fans after they win a bizarre competition, her management said today.

Lady GaGa's New Look Includes Leg Amputation

LOS ANGELES - USA - The bizarre American pop starlet, Lady GaGa, astounded fans and TV audiences Friday when she announced that she has had one of her legs amputated below the knee purely for fashion purposes.

Lady KaKa Honoured for Revolutionising Music Industry

LOS ANGELES - USA - There's a new pop act on the scene who is breaking through all the adverse economic barriers catapulted in front of the Music Biz. Her name is Lady KaKa, and her success is setting record company accountants on fire.

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