Lady GaGa Wants Her Leg Back

LOS ANGELES - USA - Lady GaGa has ordered her record company to get her left leg back after she had her fashion induced amputation in April.

MTV has reported that Lady GaGa is fed up of the cosmetic leg amputation she underwent in April of this year and wants her leg back.

At the time of the fashion induced operation, there was even a GaGa amputation competition held for a Lady GaGa fan to win her leg as a prize, but it was sadly shelved after protests from the public and authorities.

“I underwent a leg amputation last year purely to be different and for it to be a fashion statement. All my beautiful crazy monsters supported me but I am now bored of my amputation and want my leg back please,” the fashion conscious autotune pop singer GaGa told MTV.

The pop star’s record company is now having all her photos and publicity shots photoshopped to replace her amputee peg leg with a real leg.

Lady GaGa’s leg was kept in a cold storage formaldehyde solution and cryogenically frozen to prevent any tissue damage and will be reattached to her stump in a 56 hour operation conducted by the world’s best surgeons.

“We have a medical team on standby 24 hrs a day to reattach her leg. The problem is that after the leg finally thaws out, they will have to rush her to the secret location for the groundbreaking operation. This could be quite hard if she is onstage or in another country touring,” Ms GaGa’s press officer told Entertainment Weekly.