Lady GaGa to Present Amputated Leg to Lucky Fan

LOS ANGELES - USA - After having her leg spectacularly amputated for art, the pop star Lady GaGa is to present the preserved appendage to one of her fans after they win a bizarre competition, her management said today.

Lady GaGa, the American pop starlet, has astounded the world of music, art and all media by having her leg amputated below the knee purely for the sake of fashion.

In a further twist to the story, her amputated leg is now being offered to any GaGa fan that can win the new GaGa Leg Contest set up by the Official GaGa fan club.

The leg, which is encased in a formaldehyde preservative solution, will be presented in a stylish gold casket to the lucky fan where they can admire it every day for the rest of their sorry lives.

According to Lady GaGa’s management team, the first lucky competition winner who can string a coherent sentence together will win the leg.

“It’s quite simple, we know they are as thick as pig shit, so we want to give them a chance to prove themselves and then they can win the prized GaGa leg. If you can write a coherent sentence on a postcard and send it to us, you will win the leg. As I suspect many of the fans will not be able to do that. We’re not holding our breath on anyone winning this comp. I’m afraid putting an ‘x’ or other similar scribble will not count,” Shiloh Rosenbaum, Lady GaGa’s manager told MTV.

To win Lady GaGa’s amputated leg, try to write a handwritten sentence on a stamped postcard to : Lady GaGa Leg Comp, P.O. Box 6543, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, CA 90210