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US Invades Oil Slick in Gulf of Mexico

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Obama today gave the go ahead for troops and navy vessels to invade the millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico.

“We have reason to believe that there be’s oil in them there area. I just looked in the United States Dubya Book of Invasions and it says on paragraph 23, page 634, that we got’s to create some kinda scare for the peoples. So, i’ma gonna say that the oil slick could invade the US in 45 minutes with WMD and that it’s a very slick dangers. Then we can fill our 5 mpg SUV’s and not worry for a few more years huh,” President Obama read from his autocue machine on Friday.

“Operation Enduring Oil Freedom”

Addressing the nation, there was a look of determination on president Obama’s face as he described the hardship ahead during the dangerous oil slick campaign.

Already, the USS Oil Conquest and USS Oil Freedom was in the area dispensing large amounts of ammunition and missiles into the ocean around the oil slick.

All across America, citizens were showing their patriotic fervour by walking the streets whooping, clapping and waving their American flags.

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  1. America uses up 60% of the earths resources and next to China is the biggest polluter of the world.


    Rot in hell fuckers!

  2. Refreshing change – At least the US are cutting the middle man this time and going straight for the oil

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