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Astronomers: Newly Discovered Black Hole to be Named After Greece

ATHENS - Greece - Astronomers are to dedicate a newly discovered black hole in our solar system to the Greeks, an announcement said today.

“The new black hole is like our corrupt, wasteful, lazy country of Greece, it sucks up cash and money and you never see it ever again. The EU and IMF are going to throw away more billions of euros into the Greek black hole and they will keep doing the same thing year after year until they’re all bankrupted even further,” Ologologolo Pixasos, a leading Athenian astronomer told CNN Europe channel.

The newly discovered black hole is located somewhere near Uranus, and likes to suck up space debris and meteors.

“We are going to name it Profligate Greece Cash Hole, or something along those lines, our cash hungry black hole nation in the sky. If you ever look up and see a planet being sucked into a void, just think, it’s like our country on earth sucking up billions of euros into the unknown blackness, forever lost in the dark matter, lost in time and space. Everyone knows you can’t plug a black hole, just skirt around it,” Mr Pixasos added.

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