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Sarkozy to Join Travelling Circus

PARIS - France - After a humiliating defeat in regional elections, Nicolas Sarkozy has decided that politics is not for him and has joined a travelling circus troupe as a midget.

“Nicolas has had enough. He is now travelling through France and Brussels with the travelling Extraordinaire Cirque, who have him as one of their main attractions,” Jean Renoir, a political commentator for Le Monde said on Monday.

Mr Sarkozy has said that he is happy to be part of the circus and will be performing with the clowns as a midget act.

“When Nicolas comes out onto the circus stage there are wild cheers for him. It’s not like when he was a politician where people spat and booed at him. He is positively adored for his act with the clowns as a midget,” Monsieur LeBlanc, the circus’ ringmaster said.

Nicolas Sarkozy’s IMP party suffered a heavy reverse at the polls yesterday evening when Socialist opposition and its Green allies won an estimated 55 per cent
the vote leaving Sarkozy nursing a heavy wound after the trouncing.

Speaking from his circus caravan in Beziers, Mr Sarkozy said that he was “happier now than ever before in my life” and that he wished “everyone could experience the utter freedom of travelling the open road in the midget troupe”.

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