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Obama Bankrupting What 'Whitey' Built Up

WASHINGTON DC - USA - President Barack Hussein Obama is succeeding in his goal to bankrupt America and destroy what the 'white man' built up after 400 years of slavery.

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“This is no Tea Party, this is a f*cking slaughter. We’re going to take what the white man built up and we’re going to take these people into debt oblivion,” president Obama told the House of Representatives.

After standing up at the podium to speak to the House, Mr Obama got down to business with venom in his words: “There’s nothing you can do to stop the bill that will bankrupt America go through. You Republicans have fought me all the way to save your nation from destruction but now that I have you by the balls, what are you going to do? It’s over! Stand back and accept your defeat, the country that you built off the backs of the black man and black woman slaving in your cotton fields is gone now. I’m going to personally tax you people and bring in so much debt to you that you will all wish you were living in England where the tax is so high that you can’t even buy a lollipop without taking out a f*ckin’ loan. Look at Britain’s NHS. They’re so overloaded that people are now using it for un-assisted suicide. We want a system like theirs, where you can go in to one of their squalid, dirty germ infested wards healthy and come out in a bodybag. This is the gift I give to you, whitey. It is necessary to destroy America so as to bring in the New Era of Socialised Collectivist Change. Please now bend over and cough.”

Holy sh*t Barack Obama’s deficit makes Dubya’s look like nothing

American deficit debt has already quadrupled under Obama’s so-called stimulus package and with his new Healthcare plan it is going to explode. What’s going to happen when China stops buying US bonds and dumping the Dollar?

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  1. Good job Daily Squib in desperately waving the ‘I’m not a racist’ flag.
    A massive 70% of african slaves were owned by…..jews. A fact you wont find in a spielberg movie, wonder why…?
    But then I’m guessing you think jews are white.

    Oh, and obama is no friend of the african, and any african that thinks he is needs a brain transplant.

  2. This is the biggest bunch of BS i ever read on the internet! WTF…? and as for the slavery thing, all great empires were built on slavery, look at the Romans and the British.

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