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Last Chance to Search for Tiananmen Square Protest on Google.Cn

BEIJING - China - The 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in the Peoples Republic of China is to be erased from Chinese history forever.

The brutal censorious Chinese regime is shutting down Google in China soon and this will be the last time the Chinese people can search for the truth about the savage barbarity committed by the communist ruling elite on 4th June 1989.


Speaking from an internet cafe in Beijing, an anonymous internet user wrote on an illegal message board: “It is quite funny that the Chinese system which is meant to benefit the people, as Mao was taught by European aristocratic controllers, is simply a mechanism of ultimate control that exists purely to service the sybaritic corrupt elite leading classes of China. It is a land of extreme poverty and deprivation for literally billions of people whilst those who spout out their evil suppressive message to the brainwashed Chinese masses get away with murder every day as they dress themselves in the finest blood soaked
silk garments of gluttony.

Sadly for that particular internet user, in China’s regime of censorship, an inspector was probably monitoring his every word and he would be receiving a visit from a few thugs later on in the day so he could be re-educated in the proper way.

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