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The Demise of Nu-Labour’s Mascot Noel Gallagher

LONDON - England - Just like Nu-Labour's downfall, so too go Oasis, a bunch of has-beens and thugs, who milked as much as they could get out of a few mediocre songs.

The band of has-beens are not so much an ‘Oasis’ but a ‘Mirage’ now as the two knuckle dragging oaf-like brothers split for the thousandth time.

“Noel used to be the darling of Nu-Labour, he brown nosed his way into Number 10 and was seen licking up to Tony Blair during Downing Street’s celebrity spin heyday. Like Nu-Labour, so too has Oasis been flushed down the chute of inequity after the spin and marketing revealed the sordid reality. It is quite fitting that Oasis and Nu-Labour hold so many similarities in their final demise. Both having been brought down by their totally obsolete and ineffectual essence of hype. They were both so removed from reality and the public that their final implosion within their pampered deluded egotistical fantasy world was inevitable,” a former fan told NME.

Oasis did not touch upon the Beatles for one second as they constantly claimed, they seemed to think they did but they never got close to the Beatles, in fact, they were closer to a poor man’s version of Slade than anything else. With all their bragging and witless oafish thuggery, Liam and Noel always were a bunch of low-IQ simian fuckwits from a council estate somewhere up North and nothing more.

Monkey boy

“Liam and Noel are a bunch of has-beens, they’re nothing more than common louts who only have two expressions, anger and violence. That is the only way these uneducated expressionless morons can express themselves, and this is why they personify what was lauded by Nu-Labour; bullying, oafish behaviour, no work benefits culture, no education and pitiful waste. They were basically chavs with guitars,” another former fan said.

Everything about Nu-Labour was about low quality, it championed all the facets of the human condition that are worthless and cheap. That’s why under David Cameron’s weak leadership of the Conservatives, there is a similar sentiment of utter mediocrity and worthlessness that may endear itself to voters once again in the coming elections simply because of the similarity with the failing Labour regime. The voters will go for ‘change’ but what ‘choice’ do they have?

Oasis stood for ‘yob Britain’, they stood for the stabbings, punchups, chavs and thuggery which epitomised the legacy of Britain’s Labour party.

The Nu-Labour song was “Things can only get better”, well, many years after the fact, ‘things’ have got a lot worse and it seems they will get even more bogged down in the future thanks to the scorched earth policies of the unelected coward in chief, Gordon Brown and his corrupt government of bullies and liars.

Here’s to the upcoming lucrative Oasis reunion concerts which will probably happen sooner or later.

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  1. I always liked Blur better. They were the thinking man’s Brit band unlike Oasis who were just a bunch of Neanderthals.

    Blur survived, looks like Oasis are extinct now good riddance to bad rubbish as they say.

  2. Those southern pnces can stay in there Primrose Hill luxury mansions and get there pedicures and ponsey haircuts. Fucking ponces make me sick!

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