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Hillary Clinton to Star in Hollywood Movie: "The Adventures of the Invisible Woman"

LOS ANGELES - USA - Hillary Clinton has been cast by Hollywood movie moguls to star in a new remake that is set to take the box office by storm.

When Hillary walks into a room no one even looks up. When Bill walks into a room people notice.

The so-called Secretary of State is such an invisible non entity and about as effective as a splash of semen on a blue dress that she is now taking courses in assertiveness as well as seeing a psychologist about her self esteem issues.

“Poor Hillary, she is a mere shadow next to Bill. What has she done as Secretary of State? Nothing! Along came Bill last week, on a whim he flew to North Korea, got his meat out and freed two hot Asian chicks from their evil captors. Hillary just can’t compete with that,” Mrs Clinton’s press secretary, Johnson Moomin told CNN.

Hollywood executives and producers were meeting on Thursday to discuss the new movie which they say will have a $15 million budget but is set to gross large at the box office purely because of the Clinton name being aboard.

“Bill was happy about the flick and we got him some $10,000 hookers into his suite to thank him for his support. Hillary is going to be the star of the show though, but we have had problems with meeting her, someone said she was in the room when we arrived at the office but we just couldn’t see her. She really lives up to her name huh,” Ari Cohen, executive producer of the project told Movie Weekly last week.

The special effects coordinator for the Hollywood production said: “We won’t need to use computer trickery or blue screens with Hillary. The camera just doesn’t see here. We even tried thermal imagery but still could not find her.”

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