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DLP Beat UK Pop Chart Competition

LONDON - England - X Factor runners-up DLP have held onto the top of the UK singles chart for a second week with another template drum hit 'H5634'.

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foursome held off competition from Brit band HTR2, whose number
two ‘Drum Loop 56’ features autotuned vocals from someone.

KR3GH continues to dominate the album chart, with eighteen of his back catalogue in the top 40.

Greatest hits album ‘More Template Music’ remains at number one, followed by H1N1.

1. DLP – Dum Dum
2. DVT ft RT3 – Shite
3. YTS – Crapper
4. H1N1 – Evacuate the Dancefloor
5. JWF – Shitstain
Source: The Official Charts Company

YTS’s ‘Crapper’ and ‘The Template Years’, featuring ZZZ, are also in the top 10.

was also a new entry at 14 for RT3’s ‘Linear Drum Loop’, a five-album
box set featuring a never ending monotonous drum loop with samples being dropped onto it once in awhile.

There were only two other new releases in the
entire top 40 album chart, with American Idol winner YTH56 ‘Another No Talent’ at 11 and FGH31-inspired covers compilation FGH32 at 33.

There were also only a handful of new entries in
the singles chart, with electro musician JKYU’s ‘Yet Another Drum Loop’
reaching number 29 in its first week.

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