Lemmy’s Moles to Be Preserved in Pickle Jar

BIRMINGHAM - England - Alas, poor Lemmy has succumbed to death, but not only will his music live on forever, but the massive moles that plastered his face will too.


Elena Carbine, a lifelong Motörhead and Lemmy fan has secured the rights for Lemmy’s moles to be preserved in a pickle jar and displayed at the Motörhead museum in Birmingham.

“I fell in love with Lemmy’s moles when at an after gig party once in Shepherd’s Bush Lemmy let me touch one of his moles. A little bit of fluid came out the top and I saw it as a sign of appreciation,” Ms. Carbine told Melody Maker magazine.

The Lemmy Mole exhibition will run until August 2016 at the Sheep & Craddock Inn, Edgbaston, Birmingham.