Heather Mills to Give All Winnings to Charity

LONDON - England - Heather Mills, who has been awarded £25.8 million for three years of marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, is to give all the winnings to charity.

Heather Mills has exonerated herself from being called a money grabbing gold digger today at the high court.

After winning a whopping £25.8 million, which equates to £700 per hour whilst married to Sir Paul McCartney, the one legged former glamour model announced on the court steps that she will be giving every penny to charity because she was never “in it for the money.”

Heather then told the press that the next chump she finds will be “paying £1000 per hour for my services.”

Amongst a media frenzy that would rival a Beatles reunion, the triumphant Heather Mills stood on the court steps and an aura of goodness seemed to emanate from her very being.

“I was looking at Heather and it was as if she was glowing with goodness, almost like Mother Teresa. She floated above the ground and when she smiled I felt I was looking at a saint,” a stunned onlooker told the Daily Squib.

Heather had originally attempted to gain £125 million to give to charity but was unluckily brought down by the miserly Paul McCartney to a mere £25.8 million.

“I was not seeking any of this money for myself. I actually do not like money at all and I do not need a lot to live,” Heather opined on the court steps.

This goes to show that every cloud has a silver lining and that there really are pros with hearts of gold out there.

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