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Person Has a Feeling But Does Not Write About it on Twitter

LOS ANGELES - USA - Anjie Gobblestein, 23, was today praised for her restraint by resisting the urge to tweet about her latest thought process on twitter.

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“I had this irresistible urge to write about how I felt that very second like I had done for a million other tweets I had committed to the twittersphere. Instead I held back. My hands were shaking. What would my fan base think of me? Beads of sweat dripped down my forehead as I pulled away. I then had another thought, and  another, these passed in my mind and missed the keyboard too. For a second I thought I was losing it, I was losing the will to live as my life passed away through my tweet time line,” Gobblestein recalled in an LA Times exclusive.

Twitter Twatter

Liberation for those few moments of tweet lapse did not come cheep though, because within those few minutes she lost over 40,000 fans.

“Everyone knows every minute detail of my life and thought process. All it took was a few minutes of tweet absence and boom, the whole thing blew up on me. I am now tweeting every few seconds to make up for the loss, and it will take me up until next Tuesday to make up for my twitter tweet lapse,” Gobblestein added.

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