World Record for Most Emergency Workers at One Incident Broken

LOS ANGELES - CA - The Guinness World Record for the most Emergency workers to attend a single incident was set last night in the Hollywood Hills near Studio City.

In true American overkill style, a crazed woman was stretchered off and taken away for mental evaluation by 438 paramedics all simultaneously lifting the stretcher into a single ambulance.

The incredible feat was also recorded by 2543 TV stations and attended by 28 helicopters, 154 fire trucks as well as 325 LAPD police vehicles setting multiple records.

The quiet gated community street was so full of Guinness World Record holders that it may go down as the most Guinness World Records broken in one area simultaneously.

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The paramedic record involved 438 paramedics from three counties converging on the street. The crazed woman was then stretchered for a massive 20 meter distance to the ambulance and took an amazing 2 minutes 37 seconds.

The previous record of 197 paramedics and 229 police, emergency workers attending a single incident standing since 2003 at the Neverland Ranch was shattered yesterday.

“We never seen so many flashing blue lights in one goddamn place! I was in the act of teabagging my old lady when the proverbial hit the fan. It ruined our evening,” one of the angry and agitated neighbours said from his luxury villa next door.

It is true to say that some people are not too happy about having their evenings ruined by mass Guinness World Records being conducted under their very noses.