First Look at GTA 6 Real Life

LOS ANGELES - USA - Rockstar Games has excelled itself with GTA 6, it has so many people astounded that many gamers were seen actually fainting on the floor when videos of actual game play were shown.

Karl Rose, 24, a gamer from New York recalls the moment he saw the presentation video: “It blew my fucking mind man. My eyes rolled up in ecstasy and there was this big smile on my face but I must have been having a fit because people say froth was streaming out of my mouth. I left a puddle of drool over the floor and some douche slipped on it.”

Other gamers, once seeing the footage, broke into a fight whilst debating whether the graphics were real or not, some even suggesting that it was just a real cop chase video others suggesting it was a bank of supercomputers linked up running the game and not a measly console.

“This is the future of gaming. No more shitty cartoon graphics and stupid unreal physics. We aimed to take the game out of the box and into real life. We present to the world GTA 6. Release date will be 6th June 2016. Thank you all for watching,” Rockstar Games’ chief animator, Doug Gaines told the group of assembled gamers and journalists on Tuesday.