Workers Tell MPs to Get a Pay Rise

LONDON - England - Workers have told parliament to give MPs a pay rise, the BBC has reported.


David Cameron will tell parliament to give MPs a pay rise in the coming months because “the people have said we deserve another one”.

The Prime Minister will use a speech to the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference in London to praise MPs for the outstanding work they have done and urge them to ensure voters feel the benefit of another parliamentary pay hike.

“Thank you people, it is with great confidence that I shall soon announce a further pay rise for MPs. The workers, or proles as I like to call them work for us, and the harder they work, the better our salary gets. It is only just that we sometimes give back to the people, and this is why we want to extend our gratitude by allowing employers to extend working hours for low paid workers so they never stop working but keep on earning,” Mr Cameron added.