Man Glad He Never Invested in Iraqi Dinars

FLORIDA - USA - A man has revealed his relief that he never wasted any money investing in Iraqi Dinars.

You may have seen the websites all over the internet touting Iraqi Dinars as a sound investment. You may even have been tempted to have a look yourself, well, count your lucky stars you never believed the guff telling you to invest.

“I saw the adverts and I nearly went for it, but there was a little tinge of reality that hit me. There’s no way in hell anything good would come out of the Iraq invasion by Blair and Bush. I think there’s a military term for something like that…something like ‘clusterfuck’. Buy 1 million Dinars and become a multi millionaire in a few years, well that’s bull because Iraq is once again in a state of major war and terror with no end in sight. I thank my lucky stars every day I listened to logic and reason, unlike Blair and Bush who were blinded by greed, power and corruption,” the man said from his Florida home.