What would you do if all of your data was deleted from your business? Or what if every PC in your company was locked out? Or even all of your customer data was stolen?

These are some of the nightmares that every business owner thinks about and hopes don’t happen to them. But what good is hoping? IT security for your business is something you need to be proactive with and ensure you have measures in place to prevent a disaster from happening.

Here are some things that you should have in place to stop your nightmares from coming true.

IT Security 2

IT Monitoring

You need to make sure that you have something in place, so you can be made aware of if an attack is happening. This is why you need a proactive warning service. A service like this can give you a heartbeat of your IT structure, so you can know when your vitals may be affected. It also provides server monitoring, giving you information such as;

  • The status of your server
  • If you have unauthorized login attempts
  • If your backups have been successful
  • And much more

And all of this information can be sent in a daily email to allow you to make sure everything is safe and well.


You see it all the time now. Text messages, phone calls, and emails from trusted companies. But there is always something not quite right with them. It’s especially strange when you receive invoices to pay businesses that have never worked for you.

Now more than ever, it’s important that your staff members are trained and can recognize this behaviour. All it would take is clicking the wrong link, and your entire network could be compromised.

Making sure that people are aware of the potential dangers of opening emails and various phishing schemes could be the saving grace of your business.


Sometimes, regardless of how much security you have, if a skilled hacker wants to get into your business, they’ll find a way. Thankfully, this isn’t something that happens every day, but making sure that you’re prepared for the worst-case scenario is always a good idea.

That’s why making sure that you have backups of all your company data is vital. And if it’s an off-site backup, that’s even better. Knowing that if all of your company data got deleted, you could easily restore it would help you sleep better at night.

Security for your company is important. You may be lucky, and it might never happen to you, but if you aren’t prepared at all, you are literally gambling with your company, and it could result in a potential fine or the end of your business.

If you don’t have the time or the team to look after your security, then outsourcing it to IT Support London is one of the best routes to go down. Let the experts keep your business safe.