The search for a new business computer can be rather intimidating. Not only do you want to ensure that you get the highest return for your investment, but you will also need to navigate a highly technical landscape. One of the most common questions that you are likely to be asking yourself is, should I purchase a laptop or desktop computer? Many individuals who have always used a desktop computer at work might be unaware of the benefits of using a laptop. This guide is here to help you understand why a laptop might be the best choice in your business.

1. Portability

Do you travel a lot for work? Do you often find yourself having to edit or read documents on your phone? The most obvious benefit of laptop computers is portability. A laptop enables workers to maintain high productivity levels wherever they are. Since the modern laptop weighs only a few pounds, it is ideal for people who are often on the go. Not only does having a business laptop enable you to work while you are travelling, it also facilitates remote work. As more and more people are working from home and more businesses look to adopt a remote model long-term, the portability of a laptop has become a necessity for most businesses.

2. Price

Laptops tend to be much cheaper than desktop computers. A desktop computer is usually more expensive than a laptop because it requires additional purchases. Not only are you buying the computer itself but also a display, a mouse, keyboard and any other necessary accessories. At the same time, the price of a laptop includes everything you need, such as a charger and input devices built-in. If you do not require your business laptop to have any additional features, purchasing a business laptop can be much cheaper than you might first expect.

3. Power

One important consideration to make when deciding between a laptop and a desktop computer for your business is the amount of power you need your computer to have. Desktop Personal computers tend, on average, to offer more power per price tag than laptops. If you are conducting work that requires a high-powered machine such as coding or other graphics-intensive processes, then you might want to consider a desktop computer. However, if your work does not require a high-powered machine and there is no reason you need to pay the additional costs associated with a desktop computer.

4. Ease of Use

Not only is a laptop much more portable than a desktop computer it is also much easier to use. It is much quicker and easier to set up a laptop than a desktop computer. This is because, with a desktop, you will need to connect all components together and to a power source. When you fit your office with a range of new desktop computers, it can often take the IT department a whole day to complete the process. Whereas, you can simply provide your staff with a laptop and a power cable, and they can begin working immediately.