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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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Theresa May: Snap Election Could Go Crackle and Pop

LONDON - England - British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has called for an early General Election in June.

Labour Three-line Whip to Seal Article 50, Hopefully

LONDON - England - Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, has been busy in the House of Lords getting some names of good madams and mistresses who are proficient with the whip.

Theresa May’s Secret Guilty Pleasures Revealed

LONDON - England - What goes on in the dungeons below Number 10? Theresa May, leathered up in expensive gear reveals some of her dark pleasures and guilty secrets.

Rubber Band Politics: How the Left Enables the Right

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The rise if the right is a direct result of the left, as the rubber band is pulled so far, it must eventually snap back.

Corbyn Steps Closer to Grand Prize

LONDON - England - Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has thwarted one of many challenges to his leadership of the party he has led for the last year.

Au Revoir Leadsom Hello May

LONDON - England - There's no need for more months of protracted Conservative party electioneering. Andrea Leadsom is halting her faulty campaign.

Gove Falls On His Own Sword

LONDON - England - As the Conservative contest for leadership heats up, Michael Gove is eliminated leaving Theresa May and Andrea Leadsom.

Boris: “I Have Something In My Back”

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson has spectacularly crashed out of the race to become the next Conservative Prime Minister of Britain.

Think Tank: Conservative Members Should Have More Say in Leadership Contest

LONDON - England - In the run-up to the Conservative Party's upcoming leadership election, the Bow Group and Conservative Grassroots have conducted their own polling for what Conservative Party Members consider to be the candidates' ideological credentials and prospects.

Brexit Will Be Destroyed if Remain Tory Becomes PM

LONDON - England - Bad losers are usually very calculating nasty vipers who will do anything to stitch up a fair and square win. The EU referendum witnessed these sore losers in the Remain campaign exercising their destabilising powers to the full.