‘Let’s Be Cops’ in Ferguson Missouri

FERGUSON - USA - There's a new film out on August 27 in the UK, released by 20th Century Fox called 'Let's Be Cops'. Why not watch it and enrol at your nearest police academy?

Being a cop is a hard job, it’s all about dealing with angry civvies bent on giving you a beat down or taking your badge away with some mobile phone footage that snares you trying to do your job.

“It ain’t easy, especially when you got civil rights protesters armed with cell phones looking for the slightest infraction to whine about on the internet. You try arresting a six foot seven 240 pound drugged up shop lifter guy running towards you with the intent of pushing your eyeballs through the back of your head. If you shoot you’re damned, if you don’t shoot you’re hospitalised with permanent damage,” a cop said from his hospital bed in Ferguson, Missouri.

“Let’s Be Cops”

Being a cop is all that much harder when you’re a white cop in a predominantly African American area because if you shoot someone attacking you, there is an immediate response citing racism. If an African American cop shoots another African American that’s okay. You must of course forget the fact that 85% of inmates in U.S. jails are African Americans, or that the recent spate of ‘Knockout game’ participants are low IQ coward thugs sucker punching innocent citizens in the streets.

As for the U.S. media, you must also forget that the bias is in the favour of a certain section of the population mainly due to orders from Obama and his angry chip-on-the-shoulder cohort Eric Holder. All U.S. media reports on daily crimes in the thousands never report the race of the violent perpetrators of the various crimes for a very good reason, it would reveal some rather torrid truths that would not be favourable for the African Americans and socialist American media outlets.

Why would you want to be a cop in America when it has so many drawbacks?

A Fox movie executive summed it up in one paragraph: “It’s exciting being a cop. Hell, we made a teen movie about it and the premier showing is gonna be in Ferguson, Missouri. They need another movie about some idiot cop wannabees, so this is the time to release the movie. We’re using the tried and tested black and white cop plot to get around any charges of racism. I can’t wait to be at the premier myself, I’ll be in the armoured car wearing a bullet proof vest.”

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