Ferguson Riots: EBT Plantation Workers Restless

FERGUSON - USA - EBT Plantation workers were said to be having a bout of unrest last night, plantation owner, Jules Dean Benedict III's house servant, Larcenus Ojay, revealed to local county news services today.

The Ferguson riots in Missouri have taken their toll on the plantation owners and responsible employees.

“We’s got the ‘young people’ working the EBT fields, and still they keep saying gibbs me mo dat. They be pickin’ EBT all day and night, but there’s some unrest in the plantation fields and the massa got to get the county sheriff onto this one. Sometimes theys gotta shoot one yes, he was going for the foreman, so theys shot that ‘young people’ fella, otherwise he would have hurts the foreman. Nuttin’ seems to placate the EBT plantation workers any mo, free money, Obamaphones, free Obamacare, free housing? Shiiet, dunno any mo?” Larcenus Ojay, the house boy of the plantation master’s household told local Missouri news services.